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OpenPli status concerning the nightly 'unstable' builds.

Due to many questions of new OpenPLi users concerning the exact status of the nightly builds of OpenPLi we have created a statusbar which showes the actual status of the last nightly build. As it seems, this isn't yet enough for many new users to make the step to flash the box with this image. The frase 'unstable' scares many new users, as the regular users of OpenPLi are aware of that specific status and the possible consequences.

The last group of users of OpenPLi already know the exact meaning of 'unstable' in all nightly builds of OpenPLi which changes (almost) every day. This daily changes could be made due to minor or major changes in the earlier image. This could be as a solution of a earlier bug, an added feature or an update of some data like channelsettings, camversions and every other update you can imagine. In most cases these changes concernes only E2 images as for the DM8000, DM800, DM500-HD, DM7025 and the VU+ duo boxes.
Allthough it seems that all changes effect all E2 images, this is not the fact. Some changes only effect the Dreambox images where other changes effect the VU+ duo boxes. Normally this is not being shown in the statusbar.

Much more information you can be found overhere..
The daily changes of the E2 images can be monitored here.

The E1 images will only change due to default cam updates and as long as we haven't yet decide to let it go.
If you have the need to create your own E1 or E2 image you can take a look at this page.

To take a look at the changes which were made for the E1 images, you can take a look at the timeline.

Last but not least. You can create an account on OpenPli Soundforge and in that case you are being informed on that specific site. You can also subscribe to the email updates. For E1 you can do this overhere and for Git, E2, and OE you can subscribe overhere.

Enjoy OpenPLi!!! :wink:
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