Tech is one of the PLi® image developers.

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Comment by Tech
2013-08-23 17:16:35
Tech joined the PLi® team somewhere around february 2006 and was introduced by Hemertje, a fellow boardmember of the satellite-nerds forum which both members participate.
His main responsibilities are:

The main responsability of Tech and his fellow testers is, as the name already says, testing the patched or added features in the images.This happens mostly on a daily base. As far as Tech concerns.
Next to testing of images in general, he tries to think about new features.
Giving as much support as possible to the PLi users

The hobbies are:

Satellite reception in general.
Xtrend and Vu+ boxes and all of the facilities of those receivers.
'Playing with / discovering' Windows and Linux applications.
Watching F1.
And offcourse everything connected to computers.
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