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====OpenPLi for you====
==={{color c="gray" text="PLi® releases OpenPli to the world"}}===

**AUGUST 13th 2009:** PLi® announced today that it has made its world renowned PLi® software for the Dream Box set top boxes available under a GPL License. Another first from the Dutch development team and for us the end users.

PLi® headed by Peter Lindeman and a team of developers based in Holland, Belguim and the USA, started to develop the PLi® software in 2004 when he took over the development reigns from Ronaldd who retired from development scene the same year. Peter has now build a team spanning the globe with alpha and beta testers in Canada, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Thailand, and the USA and now you too can join in with OpenPli.

The team also pointed out that all development is done on a "love for the hobby" model and all have full time jobs.

One of the senior PLi® developers said "//When I started with dreambox development, one of the main hurdles was the big difference between tuxbox-cvs and the more advanced closed images. Opening the PLi repository will certainly be a big incentive for individual developers to start with dreambox development and contribute to better dreambox software.//"

OpenPli is the public source repository for the PLi® software that runs on the DM500, DM56x0, DM600, DM7000, DM7020, DM7025, DM800, DM8000 and shortly the DM500 HD series of set top boxes for Cable, Terrestrial and Satellite TV and radio.

**You can see the main OpenPli repository here**
**You can see the sourceforge page here**
**OpenPLi nightly unstable images here**

**What does unstable mean, and what is the meaning of the OpenPLi status? It is explained [[unstable here]]..

**Howto setup and compile the software for my;**
1. [[ DM500, DM56x0, DM7000]]
2. [[ DM500+, DM600, DM7020, DM7025, DM800, DM8000 and VU+DUO]]

More [[ interesting information can be seen here]]
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