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=====OpenPLi® specific features=====

[[PliFeatures Special features in the PLi® software *]]

- [[E1MoviePlayer The new PLi® Movieplayer]]
- [[E1SystemKey The new PLi® Remote Control 'key mapper' or 'user defined keys']]
- [[E1SoftwareDownloads The new PLi® Software Management and Download tools]]
- [[E1SoftwareDownloadsPlicons The new PLi® PLicons, realtime network update of PLicons - (global)]]
- [[E1Satfind The new PLi® Zoom function, that allows you to tune your dish with Wifi and a notebook]]
- [[maxvar For DM500 users a new **MaxVar** version of the PLi® software]]

**Wikipedia Tools for your desktop. Desktop applications for the MAC and Windows**

- [[ DM500 Wikipedia Tool]]
- [[ DM600 Wikipedia Tool]]
- [[ DM7020 Wikipedia Tool]]
- [[ DM800 Wikipedia Tool]]
- [[ The PDA Wikipedia Tool]]

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