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**jonc** is one of the PLi® beta testers
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His main work is/was:
~- updating and developing new pages for this wiki (one day: rss this wiki to your DM box HELP key)
~- testing the daily releases on the various DM boxes
~- supporting users in the South East Asia (Thailand) time zone
~- Thai Skins (media 8 bit, Thai E2 Skins)
~- He smokes like a train and donations of Irish whiskey are always accepted

jonc was one of the TVRO pioneers in New Zealand in 1980. He went on to start the first commercial ISP in New Zealand in the late 1980's called ICONZ. He sold that and worked as a global SVP with the HSBC banking group heading up the Global Electronic Banking training division, then in based in Hong Kong. He is now semi-retired and runs several satellite companies in Thailand. He loves the DM and the PLi® combo.

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