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How do I install the latest PLi® software onto my box?

In this wiki section, you will find a series of howto's and explanation's of the different methods of installing a new firmware image (software) onto your set top boxes, that our PLi® software currently support.

DM500,DM500+,DM56x0,DM600,DM7000,DM7020 boxes
Tip: If you have never installed any PLi® software before, it is a good idea to run through these wiki pages first, prior to doing an install, to further help you with the process.

Simply click on the DM name and model number below to learn howto do the following;

1. Install the latest PLi® software (Simply click on the DM model below)
2. How to set up the latest PLi® software for the first time [for example];

DM500HD, DM7025, DM800, DM8000, Vu+ boxes
Specific installation and setup functions listed by set top box model
DM500 : DM500+ : DM56xx : DM500HD :DM600 : DM7000 : DM7020 : DM7025 : DM800 : DM8000 : Vu+ Duo

Download and unzip the file from Copy the folder on an FAT32 formattet USB-Device and plug it in before booting. Confirm flashing with the ok button when asked.
Further information: et9x00

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