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The Xtrend ET9x00 is a twin tuner Enigma2 box very similair to a Dreambox.
The ET9x00 family currently consist of the ET9000, ET9100, ET9200 and ET9500.

To make a ET9x00 compatible you have to change upgrade the Bootloader


The ET boxes where previously produced by Clark-Tech, now known as Xtrend.


A big extra of the ET9x00 boxes that a webbrowser plugin can be added.

The ET Portal plugin is a interface to browser different functions of the ET box.
The ET Weblinks plugin is a graphical interface for bookmarked websites, HBBTV sites and internet streams.
The Webbrowser allows playing of RTMP streams (renaming RTSP: to RTMP: normally works)

Web Interface

The dreambox WebIf is not supported for the Xtrend. The OpenWebIf however is. The Open webinterface is included in the plugin section.
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