How to flash the ET4x00

USB flash drive (FAT32 formatted)
USB device (E.g. USB memory stick) In the root directory, create a folder et4x00 and copy the following 5 files to that location





noforce (can for automatic Flash in "force" be renamed.)

Plug the USB media into the USB connector on the front or back either. Now power off and power on the power button on the back of the box. After switching on, the box detects when the ET4000 is firmware on the USB media. If the yellow / orange LED lights up, detected the firmware to the box. Press the UP button on the front panel to load the firmware ET4000. If the Green LED with it lights up yellow / orange, then the box leads is by loading the firmware. Please be patient, because it will take a few minutes to complete the upgrade. If the yellow / orange LED goes off loading is complete. The box will restart automatically.

In addition to the previous information, you first can make a backup with the autobackup plugin with the auto install option on. The backup should be on the root of the USB stick on which the firmware is placed before. In that way, the box will be up and running right after the reboot because all the previous settings will be restored. In this way flashing new firmware in a ET4000 will take no longer then about 5 min.

- Beware: In some cases it is necessary to do a clean flash and the previous scenario can't be followed.

-Note-during the upgrade not unplug or shut down the front panel has three LEDs: red, green, yellow / orange
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