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How to stream SDTV & HDTV from my DM box to my computer

For the DM7025 and the DM800 boxes only

DM500,DM56x0,DM600,DM7000,DM7020 users click here for your details

Warning: do not use VLC 0.9.x for this

Use VLC 0.86i

  1. A PC or Notebook running XP/Vista/OSX/Linux (Iphone / Windows Mobile 6 etc)
  2. A web browser - Firefox and Google Chrome (for Windows users)is recommended however Internet Explorer (Version 7 up) does work with limited success
  3. You will need to download and install the application called VLC version 0.8.6i on your computer Click here
  4. You can see a flash movie on Howto install VLC here Make sure you follow all the steps.
  5. Make sure your DM box is connected to your local area network (LAN). Most important
  6. Make sure your PC is connected to your local area network by cable or wifi. Most important

Howto do it

  1. You need to know the IP address of your DM Box. Most important
  2. Open your web browser to the IP address of your DM box or simply use http://dreambox

In this example below we will use the IP address of and this world wide web site in your DM box will appear.


Now we have there (2) options for streaming from your DM box back to your PC or other device.
  1. Onboard streaming (open a stream in your web browser) Allows you to watch one channel on the TV and another Channel in the Web Interface a very cool feature
  2. VLC - open a VLC session on your PC

Option 1 - Open a stream in your web browser

Mileage varies here depending on your computer spec

This will allow you to stream TV from your DM box to your computer. It will even allow you to
pay a different channel than is playing on your TV (for multi tuner users you can even play a channel
on a different transponder ot satellite)

Getting started.
Simply click on the SCREEN icon on the top blue bar as shown below.


Once you clicked on the SCREEN icon this page below will be resented to you. DO NOT PANIC as it is
meant to be a blank screen. Before we get into this to far lets look at the options on this screen.
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