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====I'm a developer, is there any technical info available from the PLi® team?====

Yes and welcome aboard! If you have specific question, you can use our [[ PLi® Third Party Development forum]] to ask it. You will find we are most accommodating.

This page covers only the "Enigma 1" information which is for the dm500, dm7000 and dm7020 type of boxes. If your box has "HD" output, this page is not for you. You need the other [[developer-information]].

The software released by the [[PLiTeam PLi® development team]] is based on the original Enigma software, see When and where possible, we will commit changes we make back to the Enigma CVS, to allow others to benefit from our work, and to comply with the GPL license under which Enigma is released.

Some features however are copyright the PLi® development team. Here you will find the technical information on how to use these features.

1. The [[SQLite SQLite EPG]] Store
2. How to make a [[SkinDesign PLi® compatible skin's]]
3. The [[PPanel PPanel]] specification and examples
4. The new [[caPMT caPMT interface]] specification
5. The new [[openpli OpenPLi Software repository]] details
6. Forum post on setting up a development environment: [[]]
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