SQLite EPG Database manual entry with db_epg

db_epg is a add-on available on the PPanels to enable users to enter EPG into the SQLite EPG store from external sources.

First you need to enable EPG to use the SQLite EPG store via EPG Setup and change the EPG store to SQLite from Enigma EPG.

Then you will need to import a XMLTV file into the EPG.

The command line options for db_epg are:

Main db_epg commands:

-d, --database <file> :location of database
-t, --type <type> :type of reader to use (available types are listed below)

Using XMLTV you use the following extra commands:

-f, --file <file> :xmltv file to convert
-l, --lang <code> :language code (according to ISO 639-2)
-h, --hours <hours> :number of hours to store (default 0: no limit)
-o, --offset <offset> :time offset in seconds (defaults to 0)
-p, --provider <provider> :start of provider name
-m, --map <file> :file with service references for each channel
-g, --genre <file> :file with a list of genre strings (format <genre tring>,<value>[,min duration])
--matchname :if enabled, tries to match unknown channelnames with entries in database
-e, --export :append mapfile with all unknown channels
-c, --cp <num> :iso8859 codepage, defaults to 0

The format of the "-m" map file is:


IE, from /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/services



Program Name
Extra SIDs for Teletext, extra audio etc

Plus you will need to find the channel names from your XMLTV file:

<programme channel="channelname" start="20080928070000 +1300" stop="20080928070500 +1300">
<title lang="eng">program title</title>
<desc>program desc.</desc>

From the above example you would create the map file as:




The only extra thing you do is remove the leading zero's from the details in the Services file.

So an example command line would be:

db_epg -t xmltv -d /media/hdd/epg.db -f xmltvfile.xml -o 0 -m xmltvmap.dat -e -c 1

This will update the epg.db in /media/hdd which is the default location for your SQLite EPG file, then -f for the xmltvfile.xml to import, and -m to specify the map file you just created.
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