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=====Howto use the world wide web interface (webif) commands built into my box=====
===={{color c="gray" text="The Webif commands page for E1 boxes only"}}====
[[e2Webif DM7025 and DM800 users click here]]

This section shows a list of commands you can manually make from your web browser directly
to your web interface direct to your E1 dream box. Many of these commands are already built
into your existing web interface.

Let us use this example to see what can be done from your web browser.
//Please note:// Replace the address shown below with the [[E1SystemNetwork IP address]] of your dream box.

gives the result


Which is the channel I am watching - BBC World.

//Please note:// If you have a [[E1SystemWebif user ID and password]] assigned to your webif you will need
to add them to the url like this example shows;


====A list of commands are here for you to try.====

/cgi-bin/rm, removeFile
/cgi-bin/rmdir, removeDirectory
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