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Howto use webif built into my DM box on my PDA

The PDA Webif page

If you have a PDA or mobile phone that allows you to use wifi you can also take advantage of the world wide web interface (webif) that is built into your DM box. Simply open the web browser in your PDA to the IP address of your DM box and the screen below will appear. If you want to test this first on your PC simply open the webif with a screen size of "250" i.e. and the PDA webif will appear.

The default starting screen is the TV Zap screen, where you can change channels on your DM box.

You can setup the following things from home or remote (if you have set up port forwarding in your modem/router)


TIP: great to use if you do not have the remote control handy

The PDA Radio section

If you select radio, you can change to any satellite radio you might like to listen to.

Examine my DM box by PDA

If you select the root option, you can browse your DM box directly.

The PDA Control section

One of the more powerful features of this option is the ability to control the DM boxes functions. Send messages to the TV etc.

You can use your PDA to tune your dish, not quite as good as the Zoom function on a notebook, but still good enough all the same.

The PDA timer/record function

If you have a DM box that has a local hard disk you can record on, then not only can you select the record function, you can also setup the timer functions as shown below.

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