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Howto use the world wide web interface (webif) built into my DM box

The main Webif page

Every DM box has a built in world wide web server or webif as it is also known as, which allows you do to;

Change the channels on your set top box (also known as Zap)
Change the bouquets on your set top box (also known as Zap)
Change the network provider on your set top box (also known as Zap)
Change satellites you are watching on your set top box (also known as Zap)
Change the volume on your set top box
Setup your set top box as a Media Center client
Watch your set top box on your PC via the Web-X-TV link on your computer
Listen to your set top box on your PC via the APid option
Setup recordings on your set top box and change the recording timer functions
Mount network devices or computers to your DM box
Tune your dish with the Zoom and Satfinder options, with wifi to a notebook by the dish (only if you have wifi)
... and so much more.

In short the webif provides you with complete control of your DM box from a web browser like Firefox3 and from your PDA.

Howto do it (a very simple process)

In this example below we will use the IP address of and this world wide web site in your DM box will appear.


What are some of these settings?

At the top of the screen we see

Then we will see;

Then at the top of the main screen you will see this line where it shows;

Tip: What is the best web browser to use with this Webif? Firefox3 is the best on all computer platforms, although others do work, but not as well.
Tip: You can port forward this Webif to the Internet, see your modem / routers user manual on how to forward port 80 to the WAN
Tip: The Webif is only as good as your LAN! If your LAN is mis-configured then expect problems with some of the Webif features!
Known Issues: On some Linux distributions Firefox does not always like our news ticker, but you can disable this feature on the drop down menu above.

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