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====Vu+ DUO====
==={{color c="gray" text="Flash an image via USB"}}===

It is very simple to flash your VU+ Duo receiver using an USB stick. Just follow these instructions:

1) Format your USB stick with a FAT32 file system
2) Download the USB image of your choice (this is an image specific for USB flashing, you can not use the standard .nfi file!)
3) Extract the USB image (it is a .zip archive) on your PC using your favorite unzip tool to the root directory of your USB stick. The result is that you get a directory vuplus and in this directory you find a directory duo in which you find the necessary files.
4) Switch your VU+ Duo off (power-off, not stand-by!)
5) Insert the prepared USB stick into the front of your VU+ Duo receiver
6) Switch your VU+ Duo on
7) Follow the installation instructions on the screen

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