SFTP with OpenPLI 3.0

Standard openpli uses dropbear for ssh.
Those who installed the full ssh are not concerned for this wiki
And will have the sftp running anyway if they installed all modules.
If you wan't to be able to acces your box trough sftp.
just first telnet or ssh you're box
then type :
opkg update
opkg install openssh-sftp-server
This will just install the required sftp-server module.
the module work's fine with the default pli's ssh.

Accessing box from nautilus trough ssh

First, If you tried this before the module was installed, you're box will have a wrong rsa key into known hosts. You will have to remove this key first. by :
Show hidden files
then open .ssh folder
remove known_hosts file.
Then just select from nautilus file menu make server connection
Set your box ip or hostname with .local extention.
Then select ssh
login root
password blank or the password of your box if you set one.
select connect
On the question the identy of the remote is unknown select login anaway.
That's all
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