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E2 plugins

enigma2-plugin-drivers-usbserial - 1.0-r0 - USB serial drivers
enigma2-plugin-extensions-aihdcontroler - Ai.HD skins Control
enigma2-plugin-extensions-ambx - Create nifty light effects with an amBX kit
enigma2-plugin-extensions-antiscrollbar - overlay for scrollbars on your tvscreen
enigma2-plugin-extensions-appletrailer - Apple Movie Trailer Plugin for Enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-audiosync - Enigma2 Plugin: extensions-audiosync
enigma2-plugin-extensions-autotimer - Automatically add Timers based on simple rules
enigma2-plugin-extensions-autotimeshift - 0.20 - Auto Timeshift for enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-babelzapper - Control your dreambox with only the MUTE button
enigma2-plugin-extensions-bitrateviewer - BitrateViewer
enigma2-plugin-extensions-bonjour - Bonjour/avahi-daemon management for your Dreambox
enigma2-plugin-extensions-cccaminfo - Enigma2 Plugin: cccaminfo GUI that allows you to check the CCcam status
enigma2-plugin-extensions-cdinfo - read audio CD-Text or query CDDB for album and track info
enigma2-plugin-extensions-cooltvguide - Coolman_V4.0.0 - Cool TV Guide 3D EPG with switchable 4-24 TV-Lines and changeable Buttons with Setup
enigma2-plugin-extensions-cooltvguideskin - Coolman_V4.0 - Skin for Cool TV Guide V4
enigma2-plugin-extensions-cutlisteditor - cutlisteditor enables you to cut your movies.
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dmconcinnity-hd-hardymod - Enigma2 Plugin DMConcinnity-HD-hardymod by hardy73
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dmvidsdirect - player for direct playback of Dailymotion videos
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dreamexplorer - DreamExplorer / Explore your drives
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dreamirc - simple IRC GroupChat client for e2 -> #dm8000-vip edt
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dreammediathek - Play rtp Stream on your Dreambox
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dvdbackup - Create a backup of your Video-DVD
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dvdburn - dvdburn
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dvdplayer - dvdplayer
enigma2-plugin-extensions-dyndns - Dynamic dns controller
enigma2-plugin-extensions-easyinfo - Easy Info
enigma2-plugin-extensions-easymedia - EasyMedia
enigma2-plugin-extensions-eibox - graphical European Installation Bus visualization
enigma2-plugin-extensions-elektro - Automatically shuts down the Dreambox to deep standby (Power Save Mode)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-emailclient - a imap4 client to access imap accounts and read emails
enigma2-plugin-extensions-enhancedmoviecenter - Enhanced Movie Center (EMC) by Coolman & Swiss-MAD
enigma2-plugin-extensions-enhancedmoviecenter-nl-lng - Enigma2 Enhanced Movie Center Dutch language file
enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgcurrentnextfix - Removes dummy EPG entries Current and Next from infobar and EPG selection screen.
enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgrefresh - Plugin to refresh EPG Data when Receiver is inactive
enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgsearch - search the epg and list results
enigma2-plugin-extensions-fancontrol2 - Temperature dependent fan control
enigma2-plugin-extensions-filebrowser - manage local Files
enigma2-plugin-extensions-fritzcall - Show Incoming and Outgoing Calls on your TV Screen with a Fritz!Box
enigma2-plugin-extensions-ftpbrowser - FTP-Browser-Plugin for Enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-glasssysutil - glasssysutil
enigma2-plugin-extensions-googlemaps - Google Maps Enigma2 Client
enigma2-plugin-extensions-graphmultiepg - shows a graphical timeline EPG.
enigma2-plugin-extensions-growlee - redirect notifications to growl
enigma2-plugin-extensions-helpfiles-vuplus-addon-black-remote - Helpfiles with the VU+ black remote control
enigma2-plugin-extensions-helpfiles-vuplus-addon-white-remote - Helpfiles with the VU+ white remote control
enigma2-plugin-extensions-httpproxy - use your Dreambox as Web Proxy
enigma2-plugin-extensions-imdb - query movie details from the Internet Movie Database
enigma2-plugin-extensions-kiddytimer - Allows to control the Kids' daily TV usage
enigma2-plugin-extensions-lastfm - Listen to Last.FM Internet Radio, the social music revolution
enigma2-plugin-extensions-letterbox - Zoom into letterboxed/anamorph movies
enigma2-plugin-extensions-livefootball - live soccer matches,fixtures and results
enigma2-plugin-extensions-logomanager - manage logos to display at boottime or radiomode
enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediacenter - Media Center Plugin
enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediadownloader - Downloader-Plugin for Enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaplayer - mediaplayer
enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediascanner - mediascanner
enigma2-plugin-extensions-merlinepg - Merlin Programm Guide
enigma2-plugin-extensions-merlinmusicplayer - Merlin Music Player and iDream (music management)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-meteoitalia - Shows italian weather forecast
enigma2-plugin-extensions-meteoviewer - meteo pictures viewer
enigma2-plugin-extensions-modem - extensions-modem opens a menu to connect to internet via builtin modem.
enigma2-plugin-extensions-mosaic - Shows you screenshots of the services in a selected bouquet
enigma2-plugin-extensions-moviecut - Perform the cuts specified with the Cutlist editor
enigma2-plugin-extensions-movielistpreview - Create previews for movies and show them in the movielist
enigma2-plugin-extensions-movieretitle - Change the filename, title, description and location of a movie
enigma2-plugin-extensions-moviesearch - Add search functionality to movie list
enigma2-plugin-extensions-movietagger - Add tags to recorded movies, to sort a large list of movies
enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiquickbutton - Multi Quickbutton editor/wizard/code interpreter for keyboard and RC
enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiquickbutton-vu - Multi Quickbutton editor/wizard/code interpreter for keyboard and RC VU+ Version
enigma2-plugin-extensions-multirc - Use multiple Dreamboxes with different RCs
enigma2-plugin-extensions-ncidclient - Show Incoming Calls on your TV Screen using any NCID server (e.g. VF EasyBox)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-netcaster - Player for Network and Internet Streams
enigma2-plugin-extensions-netradio-classic-stations - Classical music Internet radio stations E2 Plugin
enigma2-plugin-extensions-nstreamplayer - plugin to watch video streams
enigma2-plugin-extensions-ofdb - query movie details from the Online Film Datenbank
enigma2-plugin-extensions-opkg-tools - IPKG/OPKG Pack / Unpack Tools
enigma2-plugin-extensions-orfat - Streaming modules for the web page
enigma2-plugin-extensions-orfteletext - ORFteletext
enigma2-plugin-extensions-oscaminfo - Oscam Info
enigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox - Partnerbox (Remote Timer and Remote TV Player)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-passwordchanger - GUI that allows user to change the ftp- / telnet-password
enigma2-plugin-extensions-pauli - 7.2 - Pauli Neutrino Keymap for Enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-permanentclock - Shows the clock permanent on the screen
enigma2-plugin-extensions-permanenttimeshift - Permanent Timeshift Plugin for E2 Dreamboxes.
enigma2-plugin-extensions-pictureplayer - displays photos on the TV.
enigma2-plugin-extensions-podcast - Stream podcasts
enigma2-plugin-extensions-porncenter - Adult streaming plugins for dm800/dm8000
enigma2-plugin-extensions-project-valerie - Project Valerie - Media Center
enigma2-plugin-extensions-quickbutton - Quickbutton: assign long key-press (red/green/yellow/blue) to plugins or E2 functions
enigma2-plugin-extensions-reconstructapsc - Reconstruct missing or corrupt .ap and .sc files of movies
enigma2-plugin-extensions-remotetimer - Enigma2 Plugin: extensions-remotetimer
enigma2-plugin-extensions-rsdownloader - Allows user to download files from rapidshare in the background
enigma2-plugin-extensions-secondinfobar - 2.7 - SecondInfoBar
enigma2-plugin-extensions-seekbar - Replaces the minute input screen for seek functions
enigma2-plugin-extensions-sherlock - Sherlock
enigma2-plugin-extensions-shoutcast - A client to listen and record SHOUTcast internet radio
enigma2-plugin-extensions-shoutcast-3rdparty - r2.3 - shoutcast
enigma2-plugin-extensions-showclock - Push key 'Exit long' to show the clock while watching TV
enigma2-plugin-extensions-simplerss - rss viewer for the enigma2 gui
enigma2-plugin-extensions-socketmmi - extensions-socketmmi
enigma2-plugin-extensions-sortplaylist - sort your playlists in alphabetical order
enigma2-plugin-extensions-startuptostandby - set enigma2 to standby-mode after startup
enigma2-plugin-extensions-subtitleplayer - extensions-subtitleplayer
enigma2-plugin-extensions-sundtekcontrolcenter - control sundtek usb stick from enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-suomipoeka - 1.0.1 - Enhanced MovieList modded by Coolman & Swiss-MAD
enigma2-plugin-extensions-suomipoeka-vuplus - 0.9.6-r2 - Enhanced MovieList and player for Enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-svdrp - basic remote control server using svdrp
enigma2-plugin-extensions-systemtools-for-ppanels - 0.75 - Various systemtools for the use in ppanels
enigma2-plugin-extensions-tageditor - Edit tags of movies, and in timers
enigma2-plugin-extensions-trafficinfo - Show German traffic jams
enigma2-plugin-extensions-tuxboxplugins - extensions-tuxboxplugins
enigma2-plugin-extensions-tuxcom - Tuxbox Commander
enigma2-plugin-extensions-tuxterm - Tuxbox Terminal plugin
enigma2-plugin-extensions-tvcharts - Generates TVCharts of users having the plugin installed
enigma2-plugin-extensions-unwetterinfo Enigma2 Plugin: extensions-unwetterinfo
enigma2-plugin-extensions-valixdcontrol - Vali-XD skins Control
enigma2-plugin-extensions-virtualzap - E2 Virtual Zap Plugin
enigma2-plugin-extensions-vlcplayer - Enigma2 Plugin to play AVI/DIVX/WMV/etc. videos from PC on your dreambox. Needs a running VLC (see
enigma2-plugin-extensions-weatherplugin - E2 Weather Plugin
enigma2-plugin-extensions-webbouqueteditor - Extension for enigma2 webinterface to sort bouquets and other
enigma2-plugin-extensions-webcamstreamer - Streaming video from your webcam
enigma2-plugin-extensions-webcamviewer - view Pictures and Webcams on your TV Screen
enigma2-plugin-extensions-webinterface-and-editor-vu - 1.5
enigma2-plugin-extensions-webinterface-old - Old webinterface (avoid license issues)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-webinterface-vuplus-addon-black-remote - Small adjustments to the webinterface for the VU+ (with bouqueteditor)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-webinterface-vuplus-addon-white-remote - Small adjustments to the webinterface for the VU+ (with bouqueteditor)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-werbezapper - Werbezapper-Plugin for Enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-xmltvimport - Imports xmltv files into the EPG cache of enigma2
enigma2-plugin-extensions-xmltvimport-rytec - Rytec's sources and channels for the XMLTV importer
enigma2-plugin-extensions-youtubeplayer - Enigma2 Plugin to search and play YouTube Movies
enigma2-plugin-extensions-zaphistorybrowser - Shows a list containing the zapping-history and allows user to zap to the entries or to modify them
enigma2-plugin-extensions-zapstatistic - Shows the watched services with some statistic
enigma2-plugin-extensions-zdfmediathek - Zugriff auf die ZDF-Mediathek
enigma2-plugin-others-nano - 1.3.9-r1 - Nano editor
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