STB Power usage comparison

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Power usage of STB boxes in W. If known also the cos phi factor is given after the '/'.
Having a HDD in the box may have impact on the power usage. So indicate it has a HDD and if known the power usage with HDD in sleep mode is also given.

Please feel free to add measurement from your own boxes!

Manufacturer/modelHDDNormalDisk sleepStandbyDisk SleepDeep StanbyReporter
XP1000No8/0.45 4/0.45 0/1.0mirakels
Vu+DuoNo20/0.64 17/0.64 0/1.0mirakels
ET9000yes34/0.5928/0.530/0.6523/0.6 mirakels
ET6000no15.5 11.5 2.5frenske
Vu+Duo2No 24.5/0.6 24.4/0.6 0.3hemertje
No27/0.62 22/0.62 0/0.1mirakels
Vu+Solo2yes 17/0.6 12/0.55 0/0.1mirakels
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