STB Power usage comparison

Power usage of STB boxes in W. If known also the cos phi factor is given after the '/'.
Having a HDD in the box may have impact on the power usage. So indicate it has a HDD and if known the power usage with HDD in sleep mode is also given.

Please feel free to add measurement from your own boxes!

When your box is already listed feel free to indicate if your measurements match an existing line (add your name to the last column), or add an extra line with your values if they deviate much.

Manufacturer modelHDDNormalDisk sleepStandbyDisk SleepDeep StandbyDeep to ViewReporter
DM8000Yes25-3024-2923221.25 M.J.
XP1000No8/0.45 4/0.45 0/1.0 mirakels
Vu+DuoNo20/0.64 17/0.64 0/1.0 40smirakels
Vu+DuoYes31 21 < 1W Autodelta
ET10000yes262219 0.4 kaktus3
ET9200yes30 21 0.3 kaktus3
ET9000yes34/0.5928/0.530/0.6523/0.6 mirakels
no24/0.63 20/0.62 0/1.0 52s mirakels
ET8000no 20.1 12.6 0/0.1 30scellie
ET6000no15.5 11.5 2.5 frenske
Vu+Duo2No 24.5/0.6 24.4/0.6 0.3 hemertje
No27/0.62 22/0.62 0/0.1 mirakels
Vu+Solo2yes 17/0.6 12/0.55 0/0.1 mirakels
Vu+Unoyes 22 16 frenske
Mut@nt HD51Yes13 6 0.1 17sMrBeam
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