How to use the SNMP Agent with Cacti

Date: 1 September 2012

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Once the SNMPAgent plugin is installed it should be visible in the plugin menu. From here you can fine tune your settings (Box name/location/owner etc)

Cacti Setup

From the option menu in Cacti, select devices, and click on the Add link to create a new device.

Enter a description (My Dreambox), a hostname (the IP address of the box, for example

For Host Template make sure to select ‘ucd/net SNMP Host’
SNMP Version: Version 2
SNMP Timeout: 2500

Next click Create

Once the device is created, you should see on the top left corner the information you entered in the plugin setup. If there is an error (for example a wrong hostname was entered) you will see SNMP Error

Next we have to learn the interfaces, this can be done by scrolling to the bottom of the new device, and clicking on the two 'verbose' links from ‘SNMP - Interface Statistics’ and ‘ucd/net - Get Monitored Partitions’
This might take a few seconds...

Once this is done, it is time to create the Graphs for this device by clicking at the top on ‘Create graphs for this host’

Select the graph templates you want (all), the network interfaces you want to monitor (eth0), and the disk partitions you would like to monitor

Next click Create

Now the device is successfully configured

Next we want this device to be displayed in the main graph tree

From the Cacti option menu select the ‘Graph trees’ option, select ‘Add’ at the tree items

Parent Item: [root] (default)
Tree Item Type: Host
Host: the device you just created
Graph Grouping style: Graph Template (default)
Round Robin Archive: Daily (5 minute Average)

Next click Create, and the device should be visible in the graph three.

Please note it could take up to 10 minutes to have visible results as the device is polled every 5 minutes, and some statistics needs at least two measurements.

Adding Additional Graphs

Now that all the basics are covered you might want to add additional items, for example video bitrate, signal quality and more.

To add a custom SNMP OID query graph to your list, select your device and at the top select 'Create Graphs for this Host'
Under the 'Graph Templates' you should see an entry called 'Create', select here 'SNMP - Generic OID Template'

Next click Create

Now you can enter a Title for the graph (|host_description| - Video Bitrate), choose a Legend Color, a Data Source Name (|host_description| - Video Bitrate), the Maximum Value ('U'), and the OID
For Videobitrate this is .

Next click Create

Please note that for Video/Audio bitrate measurements the Bitrate option has to be enabled in the Plugin Menu of the box.

List of Supported OID's

Testing OID's

For testing i recommend the excellent tool 'ireasoning mib browser'
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