Rick Hunter

Joined the PLi® team in 2004.
His main responsibilities are:

Rick Hunter is a MCSE system engeneer working at a large company in the Netherlands. Currently he lives in the Netherlands near the German boarder.

His satellite experience started since the birth of the Astra 1 satellite approx 1989. He was already infected with the telecommunication virus since his 10th birthday. Every day he was looking to receive new TV transmissions via the aerial transmissions. He saw in the mid eighties TV transmissions like, NDR-Ferhnsehn, Sudwestfunk 3, SR3, BRT1, BRT2, RTBF 1, RTBF 2 (only until the TV tower Warve , in Belgium, fell down during a small breeze in 1983 :-) ), Antenne 2 France, DR1, BBC1 (no audio), BBC2 (no audio) and the most interesting channels I found were DDR-1 and DDR-2 transmitting in SECAM during very extreme DX transmissions.

Radio DX was also in his interest. Listening to Radio Luxembourg at the big 208 gives a lot of people good memories. But also Radio Amateur communication at the JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) with scouting Nederland was his thing. His furthest communication was a connection towards Australia on the SSB band. At that moment the world went a bit smaller to him than it used to be.

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