PLi® specific features - E1 boxes

Below you will see a small example of the special functions and features found in our images for Enigma 1 or E1 boxes.

Audio / Video:
- Supports mp3, streaming mp3, video files and text files
- 32bit picture viewer
- Preferred audio language
- NTSC compatible, set PAL/NTSC default after flashing
- NTSC adjusted default layouts to center as many objects as possible
- PiG 500 and 56x0, hardware doesn't support PIG, therefore you can show a picture via the skin
- Commercial Skip Implementation (CSI): < is backward (15sec), > is forward (60sec)

- USA DishNetwork EPG compatible, thx to the Nitro team for the Dish decryption routines.
(completely written from scratch, EPG descriptor parsing in EITEvent)
- Multi-EPG redesigned and updated, using PiG (Picture in Graphics) device, and more options to select (skin) colors for epg areas

Downloads / Updates:
- Preliminary support for ipkg packages in software download [ links to be added ]

- EPG in an SQLite database, data can be buffered, read and inserted in SQLite database (when /var on CF, HDD or USB), (also works on external mounts!)

- Mount points can be specified using host names or IP addresses
- Possibility to move /var to CF card
- var_flash dir, this dir is always mounted to the flash dir so can be used for copying the animations

- Set spindown and acoustic parms when HDD is attached as slave drive

Skin / Graphic:
- Extra skin extensions Settings OSD skin

- Timer offset now has a setting for start and end (start 5 minutes before start and end 10 minutes after end, settable in the WebIf.

The Web Interface (webif):
- PLi® version
- Enhanced Sat Finder - the Zoom function

Backup / Restore / USB / Menus:
- Backup / Restore script
- x% in use of your hard disk
- Start plugin via Help button via editing register

Satellites and Transponders:
- Last scanned services bouquet: all scanned services are added to this new bouquet and should be removed manually
- Updated satellites.xml to a global worldwide satellite file so all satellites are directly available

Foreign Characters:
- Chinese version available (all Chinese menus) - we welcome your input in helping to write a wiki in Chinese
- Thai Skin available Media PLi Thai (Thai language EPG for Thaicom / True Visions / ASTV / Samart etc)

PLi® specific features - E2 boxes

Below you will see a small example of the special functions and features found in our images for Enigma 2 or E2 boxes.

= to be completed =

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