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=====Welcome to the PLi® development team=====
=={{color c="Gray" text="We hope you enjoy our images as much as we enjoyed developing them for you"}}==
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In 2004 **Peter Lindeman** started building his own Dreambox images also called software or firmware. He started with the sources he got from another famous Dreambox developer, Ronaldd, who at that time decided to retire from developing for the dreambox platform.

Todate he has release many version of the PLi® software which can be seem on the main wiki page also called the [[HomePage HomePage]]

From time to time other developers and beta testers joined his PLi® Team.

=={{color c="red" text="Our PLi® development team members are:"}}==

[[dAF2000 dAF2000]]
[[ErikSlagter Erik Slagter]]
[[Frenske Frenske]]
[[Gerrit Gerrit]]
[[Hemertje Hemertje]]
[[Henksat Henksat]]
[[Hyundaymagic Hyunday magic]]
[[lite Lite]]
[[Littlesat Littlesat]]
[[MiLo MiLo]]
[[Mirakels Mirakels]]
[[pieterg pieterg]]
[[PLii PLi®]]
[[Radxnl Radxnl]]
[[RedneckEyeball Redneck Eyeball]]
[[RickHunter Rick Hunter]]
[[Roodkapke Roodkapke]]
[[Ruko Ruko]]
[[Sjaaky Sjaaky]]
[[tech Tech]]
[[WanWizard WanWizard]]

Most of the members are from the Netherlands, with some from Belgium.


=={{color c="red" text="Our current PLi® beta team members are:"}}==

[[bartender bartender]]
[[boki15 boki15]]
[[donk donk]]
[[Hansaplast Hansaplast]]
[[hemispherical1 hemispherical1]]
[[ims ims]]
[[jonc jonc]]
[[nfnovice nfnovice]]
[[ronnie ronnie]]
[[saycbone saycbone]]
[[updatelee updatelee]]
[[malakudi malakudi]]

To be able to support users all over the globe, this separate beta team has members from Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Thailand, and the USA.

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