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Timings are taken from [[http://streamboard.gmc.to/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=34325 streamboard]].
- mhz = 3200 (at streamboard forum they say it could 8300)
- mhz = 2700
**ET9000 mipsel Clone**
- mhz = 3200
- mhz=3200 (could be a different one)
- cardmhz=500
- mhz=2700
- cardmhz=500

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**For other boxes as VU+, Clark Tech and Xtrend**
- No settings for now.

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==oscam.server ratelimitecm and ratelimitseconds==
This is setting crucial for performing card sharing SECA3 cards of the M7 media group. Because, if this is setting is set wrong, your screen results in bad decrypt keys.
Until now ratelimitecm have to be set to 4, because you are not able to decode more than 4 channels continuously. For ratelimitseconds it is known that values from 8 seconds and lower result in bad decode keys. Further, it is also known that if ratelimitseconds is larger or equal to 11 seconds, you can zap you channels and keep a decoded tv image.
==oscam.server mhz and cardmhz==
In oscam.server for a reader mhz > 2000, it set the internal reader in PLL mode.
According to the code if you use cardmhz = -1 in PLL mode (mhz > 2000), the cardmhz is set to the optimal setting for the smartcard according to a frequency table.
PLL frequencies for different Dreamboxes are, the examples are shown for card clock of 5.0 Mhz.
**PowerPC dreamboxes: DM500(+),DM600,DM7000,DM7020:**
- mhz = 3150
- cardmhz = 500
**Xilleon dreamboxes: DM7025 (max cardmhz=520 mhz!)**
- mhz=3200 (could be a different one)
- cardmhz=500
**Mipsel dreamboxes: DM500HD, DM800, dm800se, DM7020HD, DM8000**
- mhz=2700
- cardmhz=500

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