How to Mount the harddisk from one E2 box to a second and / or third box.

  1. Be sure all boxes, Dreambox or VU+ duo are up and running in thesame networkrange.
  2. Now be shure to check whether the box without the harddisk has the networkbrouwser loaded. Check this through the menu > addons > systemaddons. If the networkbrowser is still present for download please do so first.
  3. At this point we are actually going to use the networkbrowser with following steps.
    • Push "menu", installation, setup and then network.
    • Choose your active networkadapter with 'ok'.
    • Now choose networkbrowser. After a networkscan a list of possible mountpoints is shown.
    • Choose the box with the harddisk in it. If asked for username and password choose "no". Then choose "ok". If you want to mount to a NAS, a username and password is required.
    • Leave everything as it is besides the possibility "harddisk replacement" is "yes". Looks like the picture below.
    description here

Now go to the map "movie" of that specific mount (8000) and push the blue button "add bookmark". Now you see that a new bookmark is created which you need afterwards for a quick switch between the mounts. Leave this menu with pushing several times on "exit".
  • Now you will be able to choose the recordlocation with menu > setup > system > set recordingpath. Now it's possible to record on different locations and view all the movies on different boxes where you created this mount.

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