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Mirakels is one of the PLi® image developers.

Part of the PLi development team since November 2004 as one of the early adaptors to help PLi with his image.

- Lots of scripting (pity the perl programming language is not really part of the Dreambox world)
- 32-bit OSD for enigma 1
- Addded FLAC, Ogg support to enigma 1
- Fixed VBR MP3 support
- Pig support in MultiEPG
- MultiEPG overhaul
- Skin additions
- Revived the standard enigma picviewer plugins
- DVB subtitle fixes
- ....

Mirakels studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Delft where he got his masters Computer Architecture.

He only works with, and has thorough knowledge of, Unix (since around 1986) and Linux (following Linux since the 0.12 days). But also has deep interest in the TCPIP networking and Storage (SAN) environment.

After working for a ICT consulting/subcontracting company for some years, he became an independent programmer/architect/consultant/implementor/sysadm in these fields and is always in for new assignments!

So you won't be surprised he also fancies Science Fiction and Fantasy...

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