Now I have installed the latest PLi® image, how do I use it?

PLi® Jade Main menu holding page for E1 & E2 boxes

DM7025/DM800 users see below

All E1 boxes

Starting from the PLi® Jade release in the summer of 2008 the menus have been changed to provide a more intuitive and user friendly flow of things. We hope you like the changes. To get to this menu simply press the menu on your remote control and make your selection from anyone of the options below.


What are these options for?

Setup: This where you can change any of the DM boxes settings

Tip: if you are lost in the menus anywhere press the help button for extra help or read the bottom of the screen for help

1. As we are talking about remote control functions, users of the DM500 series should first read this page to see what sort of remote control they have.
2. The menu shown above is a list menu, not the normal default menu
3. Each one of these functions can be selected by pressing the menu button and then selecting them.
4. The list menu above has an extra option the DM50x do not have being the VCR option.

How do I use these menus on my E2 box?

This is an Enigma 2 or E2 menu

Simply press the MENU button on your remote control unit, then use your up and down arrows to select the option you require, then press the OK button to continue

Main Menu


Q: What does this mean (the gears)?
A: It means the system is working (webif, running an application) so please wait a moment.

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