The DM500 MaxVar holding pages

also known as a CDK box

Highlights DM500 MaxVar introduced in the Jade Final release on 02OCT08:

We've created 1Mb extra /Var space for you...
The removed items are now available via the PLi® downloads at the Software Management

We rebuilt the internal Flash tool completely!
So now you can flash back and forward between the standard PLi DM500 images and the PLi DM500-MaxVar images without using the serial cable!!!

We advise you to use the 'root.cramfs' method for this!
See the url below on how to Flash your DM500 via the 'root.cramfs' method:

See our DM500 Installation Wiki for a how to install it...

Moved to Software Management downloads:
- MV EPG plugin, Mediapli_8 skin, CCcam SoftCam, Cables/Terrestrial.xml, Translations, Games, traceroute, nslookup, IPtables, Netfilter drivers

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