E2 Jade release notes

PLi® Enigma2 PLi® Jade Images Suite 20080713 Rev.5335

In memorial to our Danish friend Gaj1, rest in peace Johnny!

A new Enigma2 PLi® Dreambox release is available for download.

The Original Enigma2 PLi® Jade suite contains the following images:


See below for what's New, Fixed & Features since the initial PLi® Iolite release

Or have a look at the MovieClip presentation on or at YouTube...

We think it is important to have a PLi® image twice a year available in summer and winter.

Therefore, we have decided to make a steady Release Candidate public.
As it is a steady Release Candidate, you might run into some unknown bugs.

Please report any issues or bugs on our forum, so we can fix it before the final release of Jade.

- We don't support an Online Software Update from Iolite to Jade.

- UPnP mediaserver / client plugins
- UShare mediaserver
- DJmount mediaclient
- DVD player plugin
- Upgrade of TuxTXT from the 32 bit framebuffer to TuxTXT v1.99
- Teletext caching
- Service pin timeout (parental control)
- DM800: use udev to mount USB devices
- Harddiskmanager: support scsi devices and udev device naming
- DM7025: Screen resize plugin (to adjust overscan)
- Complete global picon sets per satellite / provider

- CVS Repository July 2nd 2008
- PLi® Repository July 18th 2008
- 20080603 drivers for DM7025
- 20080618 drivers for DM800
- Some CryptoInfo converter types and functionality added
- Cable ScanSetup and fixes:
* Cable transponder 'blind'-scan: make sure we don't miss transponders when we receive incomplete lines in our dataAvail callback
* Default cable scan 'steps' instead of 'bands', 'bands' doesn't find all transponders on Dutch Cablenetwork
- Don't create a 'largefile' ext3 fs on a small (<=4GB ) device, that wouldn't allow us to e.g. install a lot of picons on a relatively small CF
- Added picon install location selection screen
- Only allow to install picons on fileystems which support symlinks
- Always allow picons to be installed on HDD, with the new selection screen it's your own responsibility
- Rewrote hard disk manager, support scsi and ide devices
- Show correct hard disk capacity
- Added python support for capmt reply tlv's (clientname, usedcaid, decodeinfo)
- Eventview context menu
* (open with 'menu' or 'info' key while in eventview window)
* (Imdb plugin installs itself into this menu)
- Don't create 'largefile' fs on small CF device
- Fixed default Picon
- RecordTimer (and parseEvent): fallback to the extended description, when an event doesn't have a short description
- Join short/extended description, when the short description is so long that it looks like a situation where short and extended contain parts of a single full description
- Upgrade of TuxTXT from the 32 bit framebuffer to TuxTXT v1.99
- Several TuxTXT bug fixes
- Enable Teletext caching
* (when caching mode is enabled, VBI teletext is not possible)
- Implemented service pin timeout (parental control). The timeout is adjustable, defaults to 60 mins.
- Parental lock can be switched on and off via the service context menu.
- In default skin, show remaining time instead of seconds on lcd. Plus some repositioning.
- DM800: use udev to mount USB devices
- Harddiskmanager: support scsi devices and udev device naming
- DM7025: Screen resize plugin (to adjust overscan)

- Keyspan usb2serial driver added (DM7025, DM800)
- Support for internal uart on DM800 added

Plugins: Enigma2 plugins 20080709 (including DVD-Player)
- DVD-Player plugin: avoid bsod when selected pathname doesn't exist
- MediaPlayer:
* Support ':' in paths
* Use an absolute path when a playlist entry starts with 'http:'
- MovieRetitle plugin added
- Emailclient added
- Lastfm seems to be fixed
- Dyndns added
- CCcam 2.0.9 SoftCam added
- Opencam 2.0.13 Softcam added
- Mgcamd1.30d Softcam added
- Newcs 1.60 Cardserver added
- RQCamd 0.82 Softcam added
- Scam 3.29 Softcam added
- 'real' buttons for PPanel
- 'real' button for bitrate plugin
- LipSync plugin: store audio delay as e2 config values, set audio delay at startup, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to copy the values at bootup
- Remote control channel plugin added Webif timers fix
- RSSreader: correctly handle i/I umlaut and quotes
- PPanels: avoid BSOD when 'pipe' fails (it often fails with errno 12, 'Cannot allocate memory' )
- Remotecontrol channel config plugin
- RSS reader: fix some escaped characters in the RSS data
- New RSS Reader feeds
- MountManager plugin:
* Do network mounts when Enigma2 starts, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to perform the mounts

UPnP Plugins:
- UShare mediaserver
- djmount mediaclient

- Default picon size 70x53
- Updated picons: Canvas, Veronica, Animal Planet, Eurosport added
- Nemesis.BlackBox added
- Orbital position convertor added
- All Global provider picons for Radio and TV per Satellite added
- Dutch Ziggo picons added (thx to Xilorp)
- 'CryptoInfo' convertor added. Use as follows:

<widget source="session."CurrentService" render="Pixmap" pixmap=".." ...>
<convert type="CryptoInfo">HasSeca</convert>
<convert type="ConditionalShowHide" /

- Torkoise Skin added:
* updates by mimi74
- Nemesis.BlackBox skin: added 'VerboseInfo' as example for CryptInfo converter usage
- Nemesis.BlackBox skin: rewrote obsolete NimA/NimB status stuff
- Nemesis.BlackBox skin:
* 'DecodeInfo' as example for CryptInfo converter usage added
- Rewrote Picon renderer, some speedups, check /picon/, check if /media/hdd/picon/ exists at startup, add that path to the search list only if it exists
- Nemesis Chromeline Skin added (PLi modded)
- Glassline Skin added (PLi modded)

- MountManager plugin:
* Use color buttons
* Default sharename 'harddisk' for cifs and smbfs
- Do network mounts when e2 starts, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to perform the mounts

- Smaller "long description" for network mounts
- Mountmanager now translates each mount point to a recommended mount point (/media/...)

Softcam Setup:
- Use color buttons

ECM info /helper:
- Fixed emu ecminfo parsing
- Added and implemented more capmt reply tlv's
- Rewrote cryptoinfo convertor, so the available options are more obvious to skinmakers

- Possibility to feed EPG data from plugin. Plugin not included yet (by Oudeis)
- Fill now/next with epgcache, till EIT arrives
- Implemented now/next refreshtimer, started when the EIT reader stops with an error
* (epgcache now/next will be used instead)
- Fill Now/Next with EPGcache, untill EIT arrives
- Implemented Now/Next refreshtimer, started when the EIT reader stops with an error
(EPGcache now/next will be used instead)
- Implemented context menu for eventview (open with 'menu' or 'info' key while in eventview window)
* IMDB plugin installs itself into this menu

- Several languages updated

- WakeLAN tool added
- Scce symlink added

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM7025/DM800)
- Global satellites.xml updated July 5th 2008

See our brandnew PLi® Jade Wiki...

- Thanks to Oudeis for his EPG patch. Now plugins can add EPG data

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

Detailed info, Wiki, FAQ's, HowTo's, TechNotes and information about this and the previous PLi® releases can be found on the PLi® Website:

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