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====the Jade 3 software release====
==={{color c="gray" text="The Original Enigma1 PLi® Jade3 software suite"}}===


A new Enigma1 PLi® Dreambox release is available for download.

The Original Enigma1 PLi® Jade3 software suite contains the following images:

* PLi®-Jade3-DM500 (Regular and MaxVar)
* PLi®-Jade3-DM500+ (Plus)
* PLi®-Jade3-DM600
* PLi®-Jade3-DM5600/5620(DM56x0)
* PLi®-Jade3-DM7000
* PLi®-Jade3-DM7020

For all DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T versions.

Please only use the download section on our PLi® website to be sure you download our original PLi® software.

Direct download:

See below for fixes & features since the initial PLi® Jade2 release

**New features highlights:**
- Fixed Media-highway EPG for Dutch 'Canal Digitaal' and Belgium 'TV Vlaanderen' provider
- Improved movie player

**More new features:**
- CVS Repository 31/05/2009
- PLi® Repository 14/06/2009
- CCcam updated to version 2.1.1 for normal DM500 image and DM56x0 image
- Multi EPG: font size of channel names are scaled too, just as the program name
- Turkish and Dutch translations updated
- Removed LAN selection box in network setup
- The global (all satellites worldwide) satellites.xml updated 15/06/2009

- Fixed Media-highway EPG for Dutch 'Canal Digitaal' and Belgium 'TV Vlaanderen' provider

- Dutch language update by dAF2000
- Turkish language update by Kerem

**Known bugs:**
- There is maybe some rotor related bug in the Open Embedded boxes like the DM7020, DM600 and DM500Plus images.
* An online internet fix for the rotor users will be released soon.
- Picons may not work if a satellite has both Ku and C band channels

See our PLi® Wiki for more answers on your questions...

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

More detailed information, Wiki, FAQ's, How To's, Tech Notes and information about this and the previous PLi® releases can be found on the PLi® Website:

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