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====The Original PLi® 'Iolite May 2008'====

A new PLi® Dreambox release is available.

This release contains an updated Iolite DM7025 image and the brand new Iolite DM800 image!

The Original PLi® 'Iolite May 2008' suite contains the following images:


Use the [[ download section on our PLi® website]] to be sure to download our original and untouched/unedited PLi® images.

- //Online software update will almost certainly fail on your DM7025 (not enough free storage)//
- //We advise you to flash the new nfi, instead of attempting to update.//
- //It`s preferred do a clean install only!//
- //Because of the new initial setup wizard, your setting list will be cleared when you update to the latest version.//
- //Simply restoring an old backup will not work, because that triggers the wizard to restore to the default again.//
- //(if you want to restore an old backup manually, add 'config.misc.defaultchosen=false' to /etc/enigma2/settings to avoid the setting list to be cleared)//


- ""UPnP"" media server / client plugins
- IDE/SCSI hard disk manager
- DVD player plugin
- Complete picon sets
- Screen position adjust plugin (DM7025 only)

===//Details of what's added and fixed since the initial 'December 2007' and 'January 2008' PLi® Iolite release//===

==Enigma 2 or E2 as it is also called:==

- Enigma 2 repository May 16th 2008
- PLi® repository May 16th 2008
- 20080430 drivers for DM7025
- 20080515 drivers for DM800
- Some Crypto Info converter types and functionality added
- Scan Setup:
- Cable transponder 'blind'-scan: make sure we don't miss transponders when we receive incomplete lines in our data Avail callback
- Default cable scan 'steps' instead of 'bands', 'bands' doesn't find all transponders on Dutch Cable network
- Don't create a 'largefile' ext3 fs on a small (<=4GB) device, that wouldn't allow us to e.g. install a lot of picons on a relatively small CF
- Added picon install location selection screen
- Only allow to install picons on filey stems which support symlinks
- Always allow picons to be installed on HDD, with the new selection screen it's your own responsibility
- Rewrote hard disk manager, support scsi and ide devices
- Show correct hard disk capacity
- Media Player:
- Support ':' in paths
- Use an absolute path when a play list entry starts with 'http://'
- Record Timer (and parseEvent): fall back to the extended description, when an event doesn't have a short description
- Join short/extended description, when the short description is so long that it looks like a situation where short and extended contain parts of a single full description

- Fill Now/Next with EPGcache, untill EIT arrives
- Implemented Now/Next refresh timer, started when the EIT reader stops with an error (EPG cache now/next will be used instead)
- Implemented context menu for event view (open with 'menu' or 'info' key while in event view window)
- IMDB plugin installs itself into this menu

**Enigma 2 Plugins:**
- PPanels: avoid BSOD when 'pipe' fails (it often fails with errno 12, 'Cannot allocate memory')
- Remote control channel config plugin
- Lip Sync plugin: store audio delay as Enigma2 config values, set audio delay at startup, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to copy the values at boot up
- RSS reader: fix some escaped characters in the RSS data
- New RSS Reader feeds
- Mount Manager plugin:
- Do network mounts when Enigma2 starts, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to perform the mounts
- enigma2 plugins 20080512 (including dvdplayer)
- opencam 2.0.13
- mgcamd 1.29
- CCcam 2.08
- rqcamd 0.74
- scam 3.29

**""UPnP"" Plugins:**
- UShare mediaserver
- djmount mediaclient

**Skins Enigma 2:**
- All Global provider picons for Radio and TV per Satellite added
- Dutch TV Home picons added (thx to Xilorp)
- 'Crypto Info' convertor added.
- Torkoise Skin added:
- updates by mimi74
- Nemesis.Black Box skin:
- 'Decode Info' as example for Crypt Info converter usage added
- Rewrote Picon renderer, some speedups, check /picon/, check if /media/hdd/picon/ exists at startup, add that path to the search list only if it exists
- Nemesis Chromeline Skin added (PLi modded)
- Glassline Skin added (PLi modded)

- Several languages updated

- Global satellites.xml May 11th 2008
- Scce symlink added

...And many low level changes, fixes and updates.

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