PLi® Iolite 2008 Images Suite 20071230 Rev.4014
PLi® Iolite 2008 Images Suite 20080214 Rev.4239 for the DM7025(+)

The Original PLi® Iolite 2008 suite contains the following images:


Use the download URL below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

PLi® Iolite images...

See below for what's New, Fixed & Features since PLi® Iolite

- CVS Repository 21 Nov 2007
- PLi® Repository 30 Dec 2007
- DVB subtitling: utterly revamped page composition handling. It is even improved upin in relation to the Helenite version!
- Softcam Setup: don't restart cardserver when 'restart cam' is pressed (cardserver has its own restart button)
- Softcam setup: wait 5secs between starting Cardserver and Softcam
- Rotor WebIf: goto and store require hexadecimal position
- Remove all 'new found' flags fixed
- Softcam script fix. Make it more readable and less error prone
- Various packages installed in /boot: only remount /boot if it is a separate partition (should fix problems with multiboot situations)
- Fixed NFS server (No download needed anymore)
- Old mountpoints /mnt/... are automatically translated to the new mountpoint /media/...
- Compact flash and USB devices as recording media added
- Smaller network mount descriptions
- Movie directory is automatically created if it didn't exist
- Enigma EPG 5MB filesize limit can be disabled now

Enigma1 OpenEmbedded:
- Compatibility symlink /dev/fb0 for the DM7020 added
- Don't show 'swap' menu, swap is not actually created / used
- Don't show cron in 'services' setup
- Stbup & config file added
- Fixed software management for DM500+, DM600 and DM7020
- Fixed PPanel recovery for the DM600

- CVS Repository 13 Feb 2008
- PLi® Repository 14 Feb 2008
- Added python support for capmt reply tlv's (clientname, usedcaid, decodeinfo)
- Eventview context menu
(open with 'menu' or 'info' key while in eventview window).
Imdb plugin installs itself into this menu.
- Satellites.xml updated 14-02-2008
- Cable scan fixes
- Don't create 'largefile' fs on small CF device
- fixed default Picon

Enigma 1& 2 Plugins:
- Softcam downloads: use our own newcs.xml and newcamd.conf so they work out of the box

Enigma2 Plugins:
- Enigma2-plugins updated to 20080212
- CCcam 2.0.7 SoftCam added
- Opencam 2.0.9 Softcam added
- Mgcamd1.29 Softcam added
- 'real' buttons for PPanel
- 'real' button for bitrate plugin
- LipSync plugin: store audio delay as e2 config values, set audio delay at startup, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to copy the values at bootup
- Remote control channel plugin added
- Webif timers fix
- RSSreader: correctly handle i/I umlaut and quotes

- Mount Manager plugin:
Use color buttons
Default sharename 'harddisk' for cifs and smbfs
- Do network mounts when e2 starts, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to perform the mounts

Softcam Setup:
- Use color buttons.

ECM info /helper:
- Fixed emu ecminfo parsing
- Added and implemented more capmt reply tlv's
- Rewrote cryptoinfo convertor, so the available options are more obvious to skinmakers

- Fill now/next with epgcache, till EIT arrives
- Implemented now/next refreshtimer, started when the EIT reader stops with an error
(epgcache now/next will be used instead)

Skins Enigma2:
- Nemesis.BlackBox skin: added 'DecodeInfo' as example for CryptInfo converter usage
- Nemesis.BlackBox skin: rewrote obsolete NimA/NimB status stuff

- wakelan tool added

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

Detailed info, Wiki, FAQ's, How To's, Tech Notes and information about this and the previous PLi® releases can be found on the PLi® Wiki and the web site:

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