The Original PLi® Iolite suite contains the following images:



See below for what's New, Fixed & Features since PLi® Helenite Final

- Swap support for DM500 added

- CVS Repository 21 Nov 2007
- PLi® Repository 04 Dec 2007
- 28 Nov 2007 Drivers for DM500Plus and DM600
- Shuffleplay for MP3, MPG and JPG added
- Make Web-X-TV obey 'zapstream' setting
- Genre colors now as small bar
- Now/next updates in the OSD fixed
- Show Event Info instead of EPG selector, when info is pressed in the Filemode service selector
- Show Extended EPG Info at the bottom of the serviceselector screen
- 16bit Picviewer for DM600 and DM500Plus added
- BEV EPG support fixed, a BIG thx to updatelee
- DISH EEPG setting now also controls BEV
- Blindscan support for DM500Plus and DM600 added
- Section timeout fixed (fixes various EPG issues)
- 'Remove all new found flags' option added
- 'last scanned' services ordering fix
- /var_flash was not mounted after a Flash Erase on the DM7000 fixed
- Give the CDK boxes their own hosts file for SMB to work
- Newsticker in StopMode fixed
- The DM500, DM56xx and DM7000 have the same mount points as the newer Dreamboxes like DM600 and DM7020. Harddisk, USB and CF are mounted on /media/hdd etc. External mounts are mounted on /media/server1 etc. Just as in the DM600 and DM7020, there are still compatibility links to /hdd and /mnt.
- Improved and restyled Web-X-TV
- Title tags for Web-X-TV added

- CVS Repository 05 Dec 2007
- PLi® Repository 04 Dec 2007
- Wraparound in Menu's
- Basic PPanel support
- Zap with PIP
- USB stick automount
- Immediately save changes in Timer List
- Dream keyboard support in text config items
- Support for relative skin coordinates ( 'c' and 'e' )
- Console 'close on success' in several install screens
- Console scrolls to the bottom as new text arrives
- Initializing / Formatting Compact Flash card fixed
- Dutch frequencies in terrestrial.xml added
- Frisian language added
- Stay in plugin install screen after install, for faster installation of multiple plugins
- Fixed showing 'West' satellite names and positions, in Satellite Channel Selection screen

IPKG Packages available on the OpenEmbedded images:
- Openssh added
- Openvpn added
- Gdb added
- Lame added
- Ctorrent added
- USB2Serial kernel drivers for the DM70x0 and DM7025

Enigma2 Plugins:
- NFSserver
- Mountmanager (based on Ronaldd's code)
- Bitrate Viewer
- RSS Reader
- Lipsync Adjust
- Antilogo
- Softcam Setup incl. CardInfo
- Nano Editor
- Tuxterm uses an US keyboard layout

- Fixed streaming over Wifi
- Fixed 'no audio' bug
- Configuration file support added (/var/etc/zapstream.conf or /etc/zapstream.conf)
- Audio channel priority added
The preference language is read from the following source. In order of importance:
1) The 'lang=Eng' or 'langpid=0x5c' parameter in the url
2) Zapstream.conf
3) The enigma config file

- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'prov_name' for the providername
- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'softcam_info', it shows you the ECM info
- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'date' (like time)
- Enigma1 skin: the datestring can be configured for the OSD, example

Via the value "X" the time can be shown in several ways depending your 24hour or USA (AM/PM) timesetting.

X in the OUS way:
0: Mo, 24 Jan
1: Monday, 24 January
2: Monday 24-01
3: Monday 24.01
4: 24-01
5: 24.01

X in the USA way:
0: Mo, Jan 24
1: Monday, January 24
2: Monday 01-24
3: Monday 01.24
4: 01-24
5: 01.24

X + 8 will show you the year extra, example:
9 OUS: Monday, 24 January 08

X + 16 will show you the full year extra, example:
17 OUS: Monday, 24 January 2008

- Updated to version 3.5.2

DBEPG plugin:
- Channels.dat updated
- 'assies' as Dutch xmltv provider added (wolf seems to be down for a long time already)
- DBEPG, rt_uk script: Download latest channels.dat to current channels.dat location, instead of /tmp

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020/DM7025)
- Global satellites.xml updated 22 Nov 2007

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

On 30-12-2007 we released an online update for this Iolite image

A new PLi® Dreambox release is available for download.

This image release fixes some bugs and annoyances found in the initial Iolite release.

The Original PLi® Iolite 2008 suite contains the following images:


See below for what's New, Fixed & Features since the initial PLi® Iolite release

- CVS Repository 21 Nov 2007
- PLi® Repository 30 Dec 2007
- DVB subtitling: utterly revamped page composition handling. It is even improved upin in relation to the Helenite version!
- EPG: Don't mark all services 'seen', after receiving an MHW update. This allows us to still receive now/next EIT for those services. Now/next is usually more detailed than MHW
- Softcam Setup: don't restart cardserver when 'restart cam' is pressed (cardserver has its own restart button)
- Softcam setup: wait 5secs between starting Cardserver and Softcam
- Rotor WebIf: goto and store require hexadecimal position
- Remove all 'new found' flags fixed
- Softcam script fix. Make it more readable and less error prone
- Various packages installed in /boot: only remount /boot if it is a separate partition (should fix problems with multiboot situations)
- Fixed NFS server (No download needed anymore)
- Old mountpoints /mnt/... are automatically translated to the new mountpoint /media/...
- Compact flash and USB devices as recording media added
- Smaller network mount descriptions
- Movie directory is automatically created if it didn't exist
- Enigma EPG 5MB filesize limit can be disabled now

Enigma1 OpenEmbedded:
- Compatibility symlink /dev/fb0 for the DM7020 added
- Don't show 'swap' menu, swap is not actually created / used
- Don't show cron in 'services' setup
- Stbup & config file added
- Fixed software management for DM500+, DM600 and DM7020
- Fixed PPanel recovery for the DM600
- You can update from the initial Iolite to this Iolite '2008 editon' via telnet:

ipkg update
ipkg upgrade

and reboot your box

- CVS Repository 25 Dec 2007
- PLi® Repository 30 Dec 2007
- 20071128 drivers for DM7025
- IE fix for WebIf
- Setting to disable the 'spinner' added (busy animation)
- PPanels:
- 'condition' attribute fixed
- implemented (basic) 'tarball' element support
- SoftwareUpdate plugin: added confirmation message box before starting the update
- Mountmanager: default share 'hdd' instead of '/media/hdd'
- 'Preferred tuner' setting implemented

Enigma 1& 2 Plugins:
- Softcam downloads: use our own newcs.xml and newcamd.conf so they work out of the box

Enigma2 Plugins:
- MovieRetitle plugin added
- Emailclient added
- Opencam SoftCam added
- Lastfm seems to be fixed
- Dyndns added

Skins Enigma2:
- Default picon size 70x53
- Updated picons: Canvas, Veronica, Animal Planet, Eurosport added
- Nemesis.Black Box added and used in the our Wiki
- Orbital position converter added

- Smaller "long description" for network mounts
- Mountmanager now translates each mount point to a recommended mount point (/media/...)

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020/DM7025)
- Global satellites.xml 22 Nov 2007

A new PLi® DM7025 update is available since 18-01-2008 via the Plugin / Software feed update.

- CVS Repository 16 Jan 2008
- PLi® Repository 16 Jan 2008
- Dutch translations added
- French translations by mimi74 added
- Update of satellites.xml
- /etc/tuxbox/scce added (needed for /var/scce symlink)
- Plimgr: cardservername zero termination fixed
- Allow picons to be installed on hdd (setting in expert menu added to control whether picons are allowed to be installed on the hdd, enabling this setting will cause the hdd to spin up every now and then, even if no picons are actually installed on the hdd)

Enigma2 Plugins:
- Enigma2-plugins updated to 20080114
- CCcam 2.0.5 SoftCam added
- Opencam 0.9.13 Softcam added
- Mgcamd1.27b Softcam added
- New feeds.xml for rss reader

- Avoid BSOD when 'execute' fails (os.popen often failed with errno 12, Cannot allocate memory)

Skins Enigma2:
- CryptoInfo convertor added.
Use as follows:

<widget source="session.CurrentService" render="Pixmap" pixmap=".." ...>
<convert type="CryptoInfo">HasSeca</convert>
<convert type="ConditionalShowHide" /

- Black.Stone: transparancy fix by mimi74
- Support a per-skin picon_default.png as fallback
- Turkoise skin by mimi74 added

For the new Iolite May 2008 for the DM7025, DM800 Enigma 2 image release click here

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