The Original PLiĀ® Helenite suite includes the following components:

Enigma 26-03-2007
Latest Dreamfiles and Dreamdrivers
Tuxtxt v1.99
Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

See below for whats New, Fixed & Features

- Enable kernel nfs server for dm7000/7020 (FAQ will be available later)

- Complete new Enigma menu with complete new menus.
- Integrated PLi image setup into the new Enigma menu
- Fixed HDD/CF detection on dm7020
- Get skin now/next from EPGcache (till EIT arrives)
- Show skin streaminfo again in filemode
- Improved movieplayer performance and stability
- Auto audiotrack selection now avoids AC3, if AC3 not preferred
- 7020 and 600: Added possibility to reboot in STOP mode, from 'software update' menu

Mount manager:
- Mount manger is now a dynamic list and stays active all time
- Webinterface only shows defined mounts and has an ADD button again
- OSD interface shows mount status
- OSD interface mount/unount is one button with function depending on mount status
- OSD interface has new button to create a new mountpoint
- Added network mounts in file mode screen
- Added network mounts in several setup screens
- Added network mounts in webif/movie menu
- Made network mounts less picky for trailing slashes

- Add EPG category coloring

- Update timezone info to 2007c
- First look in /var/etc/for a timezone.xml file
- Also check in /var/share/timezone for timezone files
- This way users can update/add timezone files themselfes

- MPG/MP3 playback: fixed most crashes and hickups
- Support for RRAS (german channels SWR3, Das Ding & Cont.ra)

- Improved network mount process during boot

DBEPG plugin:
- Use enigma epg database locations
- Remove datafiles after importing them

- Add timestamps to all enigma debug/warning messages

- Motorsetup was not always possible
- Mounting after formatting was not always correct
- Mountmgr in OSD was not always showing correct info
- EPG storage location
- Webif EPG screens for foreign characters
- Ipkg install in Setup plugin
- CF card detection in multiboot
- Preferred audio language setup (matches also part of the audio name)
- Czech preferred audio for Czech Link

- Cifs v1.45
- Recordings.epl can now be shared by multiple boxes
- Due to the changes for recordings.epl the web call reloadRecordings is now obsolete
- Parental lock has been changed
- Pin code check can be valid for x time so user won't have to enter pin each time
- Pin check can be disabled for x time after x times invalid pin entered
- Pin of 0000 is now also valid, let the user decide what pin he wants :)
- Mount.conf has been changed, therefore it is not always compatible to previous versions
- Mountnames in /mnt have been changed
- Now obey the setting 'Timer stop offset' also when pressing record button second time to schedule duration or stoptime on current recording
- LCD display does not show seconds anymore
- Optimize radiotimes (db_epg) script
- Added ftpput/ftpget
- DM7020: Support swapfile on mounted device (mount first, then swapon)
- NA (E)EPG: some minor fixes
- Optimizations for the Webstream2DB plugin
- Updated Dutch translations

Known issues:
- German and Frisian languages are not up to date
- When network share servers are unavailable booting the dreambox may take quite long or amy not seem to boot at all.

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

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