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**Due to some bugs the PLi team decided to release a bugfix version of Flubber**

**PLiĀ® Flubber The Sequel images**

See the new builds #

**The "Flubber The Sequel" suite includes the following fixes/updates:**

Virtual remote on webinterface fixed for the DM7020 boxes

Internet Explorer does not handle PNG pictures properly with transparency. This causes problems when using the virtual remote in the web interface. Use instead

- Enigma crash fixed, when zapping over a "Service could not be found". This causes also the ALBANIESAT 16 East crash

- Picviewer:
- Possible crash fixed when image scaling fails

- Remote Control:
- Added ""MultiEpg"" stuff for all rc's
- DM500/DM56x0: Exit key fixed, was our fault when updating to MV 3.5

- PLisetup: Hard disk sleep time handling fixed
- ""MultiView"" EPG:
- Added epgidx
- MV does not read text epg.dat anymore but only binary data
- Updated icons by RickHunter

- Made black subtitle backgrounds a bit transparent
- 'endless' subtitle display fixed
- Small timing/queuing bug in subtitle queuing fixed

- ""MultiEpg"" scrolling with external keyboards fixed

PVR mode:
- Added step Forward / step Back keys
- Help description for < > keys fixed

Index markers:
- Parsing fixed for recorded movies

- Changed eMessageBox default position so it nicely fits below the back_top in maxiZap

- Show date of first time in timeline in front of the timeline
- This will make it easier to see where you are in the EPG bush
- The date format is for example "fri 18 aug"

- loop fixed

- Allways start the default softcam at startup or at restart softcam

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