On December 24 2005 we released the Diamond Image.

Welcome to the release note of the new Diamond Dreambox Images powered by PLinux

The PLinux team is NOT responsible for any unauthorized use of this firmware.

Many Thanks from The PLinux Team to our users and to the PLi® Beta Team for their contributions and extensive testing!...

The Diamond Suite consists of the following images:
- Diamond for the DM500
- Diamond for the DM5620
- Diamond for the DM7000
- Diamond for the DM7020

- the FIRST public PLi® 7020 image!

The Diamond Images featuring:
- 1.09 kernel (2.6.9)
- 1.09 enigma (19-12-2005)
- Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression
- Front Processor version 1.06
- New PMT Interface: a new interface between Enigma and an Emu/Softcam
- Softcam / Cardserver Setup incl. Sticky SoftCam using new PMT interface
- Private EPG for Premiere
- Manual (Un)Install of plugins/addons etc
- Enable/Disable automatic download of software menu index
- Dreambox Tools: Check Cronjobs & Free Space; ECM-, Memory-, Mgcamd-Info, NetStat, Process list
- Tuxtxt v1.94
- Settings to control infobar on zap and OK
- Skin: The name of the current running emu (e.g. 'camxng')
- Skin: The video format of the current service (e.g. '704x576 4:3 25 fps')
- Skin: Caid types supported in the current stream
- Skin: Frequency, FEC, Polarisation, Symbol rate
- Language Setup
- Var to USB/HDD
- Debug Settings
- Create your own script control panel under the Blue Setup button
- Firewall ready
- Crond ready
- OSD supports: Yellow Button - Addons/Plugins, Blue Button - PLi Setup
- Password change allowed by user to any password
- Games ready
- CIFS enabled
- New file naming of your Recorded Movies,
- It will be shown as

- Multi view
- Full Media Highway EPG support for ALL Media Highway EPG providers
- Menu Language selection in your own native language
- No SoftCam onboard ALL to be downloaded

Setup plugin version 0.75 featuring:

*Softcam / Cardserver Setup incl. Sticky EMU!

*Show installed panels
*Software Management incl:
- Downloads
- Remove Software
- Manual Install
- Enable/Disable automatic menu downloads

*Dreambox Tools incl:
- Info
- Reset Password

*Extra Setup
*Services to Run
*Language Setup
*Var to USB/HDD
*Debug Settings
*PLi news

The standard PLi® Setup is combined with a PPanel based setup, which is based on the CPanel as originally made by The_Hydra. You can enable / disable automatic menu downloads via Software Management, the updates will be hosted on our mirrored servers.

We rewrote the program code completely like:
- Pictures can be show directly, see the Skin Previews in Downloads!
- Scrollable output with small letters
- PPanel can read other *.xml files via /var/etc/ppanels
- (manual) Installer & Uninstaller
- Download any files from internet
- Execute (own) scripts and programs
- Automatic update option for PLi and own ppanels.
- Encryption added for URLs.

You may customize your own Panel by creating your own in /var/etc/ppanels.
Any settings added in this file will be shown under the PLi Setup - Show installed panels via the blue button.

Howto create your own XML file:
- Create a new file with a linuxeditor (e.g. UltraEdit-32)
- Name it "anything_you_want.xml"
- Use the syntaxes from the example shown in Installed ppanel - Sample ppanel to create your own PPanel:
- Save it and upload it to your box: /var/etc/ppanels/anything_you_want.xml
- Start your PPanel via the blue button on your remote control, select "Show installed panels" and see your own custom made panel...

About encryption:
- The url option in , and can be encrypted.
- Encrypted urls always start with a "*". Use the program "scramble" to encrypt.
- It's located in /bin/scramble.

Web Interface: 5.8.1-Expert featuring:
- Bootmanager via WebInterface
- Bootmanager 0.5
- Add support for skin dir on mount point: /boot/skins
- Add random skin selection
- Use left/right keys to switch skins in boot menu
- Zap -> Movies: Possibility to rename the recordings
- Movieplayer
- Mountmanager: make smbfs implementation consistent with cifs

Fixes / New Versions:
- 1.09 kernel (2.6.9)
- 1.09 enigma (19-12-2005)
- Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression
- Front Processor version 1.06
- PPanel version 0.9
- Video/Audio synchronizer fix in Enigma
- Ability to use a Harddisk in slave mode
- Ability to filter CAPMT for specific caid's (needed for CI filtering)
- Webinterface => Movieplayer added
- Multiview Icons moved to/share/tuxbox/enigma/pictures/mvicons, this reduces /VAR with 300Kb!
- You can add/change/update your icons in /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures/mvicons
- Multiview program code restructured, this reduces /var with another 100kB!
- OSD time Settings moved to the Expert Setup
- Dropbear added
- Better keyboard handling when using Exit/Enter on DMM-Keyboard
- Tuxcom: less memory usage
- Add default encoding for many turkish transponders
- Mount cifs fix
- Create mount point for cramfs
- Show boot logo until enigma starts
- Fix display boot menu until enigma starts
- Update tuxtxt to V1.94 (changes made by DBLuelle)
* delayed display of Subtitles possible (can be adjusted with left/right-Buttons)
* corrected fixed font: contains all cyrillic characters
* corrected fixed font: much better readable when tuxtxt-position is set to a very small height
* no more black screen when caching is enabled and you start tuxtxt on a page with multiple sub pages
* cache is cleaned correctly when using tuxtxt on a service without teletext-pid (e.g. in radio-mode)

Sticky Emu/SoftCam for Channel and/or Provider Selection:
The plimgr is introduced to manage back gound service. The main function is to manage which softcam needs to run. Using the pli setup softcam setup sticky emus for channels or providers can be selected apart from a default softcam. Pli mgr will take care the the proper softcam will be started when you zap around.

Note:But beware the case when you are watching channel A using softcam X and you have set channel B using softcam Y (which cannot descramble channel A). Now if you start recording on channel A and you switch from A to B, softcam Y will be started and X will be stopped! :(

FTA Detection:
An FTA Detection is added, in non PLi® Images its common that the Sticky SoftCam switches between the SoftCam's when zapping over an FTA channel using the Sticky SoftCam option. With this new FTA Detection, the Sticky SoftCam option no longer switches when zapping over FTA channels related to a Sticky SoftCam setting!

Newly Built PMT Interface:
The original PMT interface (called clientPMT, in which emu's/softcam act as server and Enigma as client connecting to the /tmp/camd.socket setup by the softcam) is optimized with connection loss-detection. This will allow to restart a softcam without zapping to get image again (max 5 seconds delay).

Note: some emu's/softcam have problems with this as they close the connection from enigma as soon as the get the PMT data. Enigma sees this as connection loss and retries to connect to the emu, that will accept the connection believing it will receive new PMT data (e.g. thinks a zap has been made). In itself this is not a big problem, but you will see more traffic to your card server (say every second instead of once every 15 seconds). The nasty thing happens when you let the emu show OSD info. You can guess what happens then...

Note 2: when no softcam is run, enigma still tries to connect to /tmp/camd.socket.
It will then forever retry every 5 seconds.

A new PMT interface is developed, so called serverPMT. Enigma is now a server to which emu's (becoming a client) can connect to receive PMT information. This allows for faster ZTI times (zap to image). Measurement have shown that passing PMT information from enigma to softcam takes 16 to 32 milliseconds in the old clientPMT interface.

With the new serverPMT interface it just takes 2 milliseconds.

Note: you still have to wait for the softcam to setup descrambling before you get proper view

This also results in immediate view when an softcam is started while enigma is already running (eliminating the need of the 'autozap' feature). This is implemented using the CA/CI interface, which is adapted to work for emus. Switching emus becomes practically transparent (as long as the current CW interval is not ended during startuptime of the new emu)

The serverPMT interface is a nice and clean interface.

Enigma will become passive and will not aggressively try to make camd.cocket commands.
As it plays the server role, it allows for more than one program to get PMT data from enigma.
This allowed us to build a very simple daemon to manage sticky emus per channel/provider.
Also viewing a different service while recording an other will become easier to implement.

- We hope that the PLi® serverPMT implementation will become the new standard.
- Currently only one softcam has implemented this interface, CAMX.
- The PLi® serverPMT code is offered to CVS last week.

To add an SoftCam manually:
- for example "pcam"
- FTP the files to the right directory and chmod the files
- Create an empty file with the same name as the SoftCam, here "pcam" for example
- Upload this file to /var/etc/plimgr/cams/
- Now the PLi Manager recognizes the new "pcam" SoftCam
- Choose the new SoftCam in the SoftCam Setup

Or via an Telnet session:
- FTP the files to the right directory and chmod the files
- Use an Telnet session to "touch /var/etc/plimgr/cams/pcam"

Known Bugs:
The USB stick wifi doesn't work on this image.
So we don't host it in our Diamond Dreambox Images!

When new drivers are available, they can be downloaded as addon!

Via the PLi® Setup you can access the downloads via the Software Management:

Standard Plugins:
- DreamFlash
- RSS Reader

Down loadable Addons / Plugins:
- Apache (HDD)
- Base libraries (HDD)
- Bitrate viewer
- Bullz text
- Disk Space
- DrTic
- EasyLogo
- Epgui
- Internet Movie Dbase
- Jukebox
- Mosaic Demo
- Movie List Builder
- New TuxWeather [Dutch]
- New TuxWeather [Nordic]
- NFS Server (HDD)
- Ngrab Start-Stop
- Perl (HDD)
- PHP Apache (HDD)
- Picviewer
- PiP Demo
- Reiserfs HDD Format
- Samba
- Sky EPG (for HDD and USB!)
- Sysinfo
- Tuxbox Commander

Down loadable Channelsettings:
- Captain Picard rotating
- Joske Astra
- Joske Astra-Hotbird
- Joske Astra-Hotbird-Astra 2A
- Joske Rotating
- PET123 Astra
- PET123 Astra-Hotbird
- PET123 Astra-Hotbird-Astra 2A
- PET123 Rotating
- Rgg test Astra-Hotbird
- Rgg test Rotating

Standard Games:
- None, all down loadable via the Software Management!

Down loadable Games:
- Chess
- Pussance
- 9 Pack

Standard Languages:
- Nederlands
- English
- Deutsch
- Français
- Español
- Italiano

Downloadable Languages:
- Arabic
- Cesky
- Dansk
- Eesti
- Ellinika
- Hrvatski
- Islenska
- Japanese
- Korean
- Lietuviu
- Magyar
- Norsk
- Polski
- Portuguese
- Roman
- Russian
- Slovaski
- Slovenski
- Srpski
- Suomi
- Svenskt
- Turk
- Urdu

Downloadable PPanels:
- Daily Things PPanel

Standard Skins:
- Blue QT
- Bluenigma BIG
- Carbon
- Neutrino Style
- Pingu
- Screwed Stone
- Screwed Stone SNR
- Silver Metal
- Simple and Stylish
- Simple and Stylish 16:9
- Simple and Stylish SNR

Downloadable Skins & Previews:
- Autoradio
- Carbon
- Gnome
- Gold
- Matrix: PLI_EX1 version 2
- Mimi74: PLi Mix version 3.5
- Pli Like TPS 4:3
- Startrek Genesis
- Surfer Color
- Tropic
- V9

Standard SoftCam's / Card servers:
- None, all down loadable via Software Management!

Downloadable SoftCam's / Card servers:
(version numbers are left out, these will change over time)
- Camd 3
- Camx (with new CAPMT interface) THX to RADXNL
- Evocamd
- Mgcamd
- Newcamd
- Radegast
- Scam
- NewCs Cardserver

IP-tables, a short explanation about how to use IP-tables:
1. Blue --> services to run --> Start firewall
2. Edit /var/etc/firewall.users. for allowed ip addresses or host names

Setup tool by PLi® 2004-2005
Original version by Ronaldd

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