New PLi® Citrine Images powered by PLinux

The Citrine suite consists of the following images:

- Citrine for the DM500 (incl. Alps tuner)
- Citrine for the DM5620
- Citrine for the DM7000 with fully updated v2.6.9 kernel and driver

- 1.09 kernel (2.6.9)
- 1.09 enigma (25-10-2005)
- Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression
- Front Processor version 1.06
- MyPPanel, to create your own script control panel under the Setup button
(based on the CPanel as made by The_Hydra. DAF2000 added, removed and changed some things)
- OSD supports: Yellow Button - Addons/Plugins, Blue Button - PLi Setup
- Password change allowed by user to any password
- PLi Setup
- EMU Setup
- WIFI Setup
- Extra Setup (Sleep, OSD time, Autohide OSD and NO Picture in Radio/MP3 mode, Swapfile and size)
- Firewall ready
- Crond ready
- Audio Priority Settings via Setup
- Addon Manager to (un)install addons
- Debug settings
- USB Format and Tools
- Ability to move the whole /var directory to USB or HDD
- Games ready
- CIFS enabled
- Web Interface: 5.4.2-Expert
- PMT file logic for more stable zapping
- No softcams onboard ALL to be downloaded
- Tuxtxt v1.93

Fixes / New Features:
- 1.09 enigma (25-10-2005)
- Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression
- Timezone settings are stored correctly now
- Bootmanager via WebInterface (WebIf)
- HD sleep time settings via Setup Menu (Extra)
- MyPPanel, to create your own script control panel under Setup
- NewCs support added in EMU Setup
- New and faster deamond
- New filenaming of your Recorded Movies, now it will be <Channelname>-<date>-<time>-<Name_of_the_Program>
- Netpilot can be started when Radegast is choosen
- Updated kernel and Dream drivers
- Busybox-1.01
- Webinterface Zap -> Movies: Possibility to rename the recordings
- Update of the Pingu skin by Redneck Eyeball
- Multiview standard in the image (no need to install via Setup)
- Multiview Icon update by Rick Hunter and Roodkapke
- Feeds update
- PET123 own Channellist url thx to PET123 (from now always up to date)
- HDD speed/acoustics bug fixed
- Language selection in your own native language
- Ecm patch
- Full Media Highway EPG support for ALL Media Highway EPG providers

Known Bugs:
The USB stick wifi doesn't work on this image.
When new drivers are available, they can be downloaded as addon.!

Media Highway EPG

All images in the Citrine suite have an adapted version of Enigma that is capable of handling Media Highway EPG information without the use of external scripts and executable. This standard of sending EPG is used by several satellite providers such as Canal Digital, Sky Italia, Canal+/Canal Satellite France and others.
Until our latest Beryl image only now/next information of these providers was available in Enigma EPG. And in Beryl only the Dutch Canal Digital provider was supported.
Now ALL providers are supported on this Citrine image!

For loading and reading schedule information it was necessary to use external programs. Even then the information was stored outside the Enigma cache.

With Citrine the MHW information is treated exactly like normal schedule EPG information. Nothing needs to be configured, it just works as Multi view is standard in our Citrine image!

When you tune in on a transponder that sends MHW information the stream is read and stored in cache, you will not notice that the box is reading the information. In case of Canal Digital you need to be tuned in for about 15 seconds to receive a full set of information. There is no harm done if you zap earlier. After a successful fetch the reading attempts on that transponder will be suspended for an hour.

The EPG data is visible in Enigma EPG and Multi EPG.
You don't need to do any configuration in MV, it works right out of the box.

One note: Providers do not send MHW information on every channel they broadcast. In most cases information of all provider channels is transmitted from one transponder. Normally you will zap by those transponders often enough.

Pay Attention: All information stored in the EPG can be a huge amount of data!

- Many thanks to the PLi® Beta team for their contributions and extensive testing!

Control Panel:
You may customize your own PLi-Panel in the Setup by creating your own /var/etc/myppanel.xml.
Any settings added in this file will be shown under the PLi Setup via the blue button.

Howto create myppanel.xml:
- Create a new file with a linux editor (e.g. UltraEdit-32)
- Name it "myppanel.xml"

(you can find this example in /var/etc/myppanel.xml.sample)

- Save it and upload it to your box: /var/etc/myppanel.xml
- Start the PLi Panel via the blue button on your remote control, select "Show My PPanel" and see your own custom made control panel...

Standard EMU's:
- None, ALL down loadable via the PLi Setup!

Down loadable EMU's: (version numbers are left out, these will change over time)

Standard Skins:
- BlueQT
- Bluenigma BIG
- Carbon
- Neutrino Style
- Pingu
- Screwed Stone
- Screwed Stone SNR
- Silver Metal
- Simple and Stylish
- Simple and Stylish 16:9
- Simple and Stylish 16:9
- Simple and Stylish SNR

Downloadable Skins:
- Anex
- Anex 2
- Astro
- Autoradio
- Carbon
- Djs
- PLi Like TPS 4:3
- PLi RuLook 4:3
- PLi RuLook 16:9
- PLi Simple 4:3
- PLi Stone 4:3
- PLi Stone 16:9
- Kalibo 5
- Platine black/blue (usb only)
- Silver 2
- Skully
- Small Special
- Solo
- Star Trek Genesis
- Super Mario
- Surfer
- Surfer Color
- Tropic
- Tropic BIG LCD
- Ultra Light
- V9
- Wise

Standard Games:
- None, all down loadable via the PLi Setup!

Down loadable Games:
- Chess
- Pussance
- 9 Pack

Standard Plugins:
- Dreambox Switch
- MultiView 3.1
- Teletext

Down loadable Plugins:
- Bitrate viewer v1.1
- Bulz_text v0.3.6
- DreamNetcast
- EPG v2.5
- Feeds update
- Internet MovieDataBase v1.09a
- Jukebox Plugin v0.6.2
- New Tuxwetter
- Pic viewer Plugin v1.1.4
- RSS Reader v1.5
- Sys Info v0.8.7
- Tuxbox Commander v1.00

Down loadable Channel settings: (Automatically reloads the settings into the Dreambox)
- Joske Settings
- Draaibaar (Rotating)
- Astra
- Astra, Hotbird
- Astra 1, Hotbird, Astra 2
- Astra, Hotbird
- Astra
- PET123 Draaibaar (Rotating) Settings

Down loadable Extra Services:
- Base Libraries 1.00
- Apache 1.02
- PHP Apache 1.00
- NFS Server 1.02
- PERL 5.8.0
- Samba 1.9.18p8

Standard Language:
- Nederlands
- English
- Deutsch
- Français
- Español
- Italiano

Down loadable Languages:
- None, will come in our next release

IP tables:
A short explanation about how to use iptables:

1. Blue --> services to run --> Start firewall
2. Edit /var/etc/firewall.users. for allowed ip addresses or host names

This image does NOT contain any keys-, or rom files.

It is up to the end user to add them should he wish to use this image other than with a legal subscription card.

The PLi team is NOT responsible for any unauthorized use of this firmware.

Many thanks from The PLinux Team...

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