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Welcome to the PLi® Wiki

It is our goal to make this PLi® WikiPedia:Wiki into a PLi® software knowledge base, with all information imaginable about both the Dreambox and the PLi® firmware images (software).

To achieve this goal, we need your help. All members of this website have write access to this PLi® WikiPedia:Wiki, and can create new pages or update existing pages. When you want to do this, please read the FormattingRules first.

A few details about the software, screen images, menu's, skins and formats you will see in the PLi® Wiki




No longer supported

*) Images for these boxtypes will be created as long as it is technically possible. They are not officially supported by the team anymore, but we do allow the community to fix issues may they arise.

Want to add or change a page but need extra help - then send a Private Message to WanWizard via the forum.
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