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**Henksat** is one of the PLi Core Members.

He bought his DM7000 Dreambox satellite receiver at the end of 2002, one of the first in Holland

In the next years, Henksat bought a lot of Dreamboxes. At this moment he has a DM500, DM600, DM500+ on the bedrooms, and a DM7020 and a DM7025 for testing, and the new DM800 is operating in his living room on a Full HD Panasonic TV.

In 2006 Henksat started his own small company as satellite equipment reseller. He also became a sponsor of this board.
He has made several dish installations for much PLi Core Members, especially if they uses a Wvaerfrontier, they know how to find him.

His main work is/was:

- PLi® Support on the main Satellite Forums
- Making the famous [[HenksatSettings Henksat settings]]
- Beta tester

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