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Hemertje is one of the PLi Core Members.
He bought his DM7000 Dreambox satellite receiver back in 2003.
Back into those old days there was hardly any info about the newly released Linux Satellite Settop receiver by Dream Multimedia. Therefore he started to collect any information about this DM7000 and started his own website, http://dreambox.sjerom.com, with all relative information.
Over the time it became an internationally well known website where you could find some basic information about how to use the box and his features.
Therefore he got respect by some (inter)national satellite hobbygroups and satelliteforums, like:
The Hydra Dreambox team
who asked him to join them as a core member or website moderator.
As the Hydra Dreambox team quit in 2005, he joined the Dutch PLi® team as a PLi® Core Member.
His main work is/was:
~- Maintenance of the Software Management
~- PLi® Support on the main Satellite Forums
~- Writing the Release Notes
~- Beta tester
- - Data in here some where - -

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