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====The DVBSBridge application for Windows Media Center by DVBLogic ====
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If you have a MS Vista box running MCE or Windows Media Center you may interested to know that there is a new plugin for MCE called DVBSBridge by DVBLogic which will make your DM E1 or E2 box into a MCE tuner.

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See - [[ DVBLogic - provider of digital streaming connectivity solutions]]

====DVBSBridge Pro for Dreambox====

DVBSBridge Pro for Dreambox uses Dreambox receiver as a source of digital stream.


# 32-bit and 64-bit Windows MCE XP 2005, Windows Vista MCE and Windows 7 support
# Works with Windows MCE extenders
# Reception of Satellite (DVB-S) and Cable (DVB-C) TV and Radio channels
# CI support for pay channels
# Guide a la Carte - for each channel choice of Native MCE Guide, EPG from Dreambox or XMLTV!
# MPEG-2 HD video support
# MPEG-4 HD video support *
# Multichannel audio support *
# Multiple audio tracks support *
# Teletext and subtitles *
# UPNP Server
# Selection of up to 160 channels to be available in MCE

**Supported dreambox models:**

# DM500x
# DM56x0
# DM600
# DM70x0
# DM7025
# DM800
# DM8000

Enjoy this great new tool.
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