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Vista MC setup

To add your recordings on your DM 600/7000/7020/7025/800 boxes hard disk to your Vista Media Center (Vista Home & Ulitmate) using the latest PLiĀ® Image .

1. Add a drive to the \\dreambox\movies share on your LAN - say Drive "Z" (this is the default share you will find in your Vista networks)
2. in Vista Media Center - add this new drive (Drive "Z" ) to your Pictures & Video library
3. wait a few moments while it does a capture of the data and posts the images as shown above in my example of the TVNZ recordings on a DM7020

No need to transcode if you have set up Vista correctly and have all the mpeg2 codec installed on your Vista box.
Just select the video and watch it. No breakup here, a perfect playout every time, but mileage may vary.

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