Howto see Divx movies on your Dreambox WITHOUT using the VLCF plugin;

Now made obsolete by the PLiĀ® Movieplayer

Click here to learn more about the PLiĀ® Movieplayer

DM7020 and DM800 users - click here to see how to do this

If you have not upgraded to the latest Jade 3 or Open-PLi software please use VLC version 0.86i
The new Jade and Open-PLi software can use VLC 1.x.x

This mini howto will allow you to stream most video formats on your PC to your DMxxxx set top box that are running the PLi Images
Files like .avi, .vob, .ts etc etc.

This howto does not require you to do anything to you DM box at all. You do not need VLC version 0.8.6a to 0.8.6c on your DM box at all however you do need the PC/MAC/Linux version installed on your computer. It is all done with your web browser from your computer.

1. Open your web browser to your DMxxxx box. i.e.
2. On the left hand side of the screen click on the stream button and this image will appear


3. Now click on the settings button.
4. Now under the top section as shown below click on the edit button and change the Server IP address from the IP of your DM box to the address of your PC where you have the movies (you need to be on that PC to do this)


5. Now click on the browse button and select the movie you want to play on your DM box.
6. Now you have selected the movie simply click on the FILE button (see it to the left of the file name you just selected?)


7. You will now see the download screen and the VLC will start with the file you chose. Now wait about 15 to 20 seconds and it will appear on your TV screen. As simple as this.

8. To stop it playing on your DM box / TV simply stop VLC and it will do back to your last TV channel.

Screen shot of it working on a DM500


Remember mileage may vary

A flash movie of this setup can be seen on this link; Setup Streaming to my DM box

VLC Versions currently working [Summer 2008] with the above VLC versions 0.8.6a, 0.8.6b, 0.8.6c, 0.8.6f

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