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There are several options to watch your dreambox over the internet. All discussed tools essentially work the same way, but take a different route to accomplish it. The only real requirement is a server/pc with [[ vlc]] installed. Vlc receives the full bandwidth stream from the dreambox and transcodes this stream to fit within your internet upload bandwidth. Transcoding is a cpu intensive task, but depending on the codecs you use a P3 800 does suffice.

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===== M4RTiN's Re-Stream =====

All credit to the Dreambox Re-Stream Project by M4RTiN who has developed a tool that allows you to re-stream any DM box across the internet, and its name is "Re-Stream".

For those of you with apache & php it is well worth the time and effort getting it to work, but not for the faint hearted. It took about 10 minutes to set it up and have it working. The Link to his site is here; [[ Dreambox Restream Project by M4RTiN]]

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Once installed this is the sort of result you see;

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This tool provides an interface to setup and control vlc, as well as an webinterface to zap through channels and recorded movies.

//[A real example of Playhouse Disney from a DM500 via the M4rtin restream tool on an ASUS P535 smart phone]//
{{image alt="Movieplayer" title="Movieplayer" url="/images/wiki/000847_restream_setup.jpg"}}{{image alt="Movieplayer" title="Movieplayer" url="/images/wiki/000847_restream_fullscreen.jpg"}}
//yes I know I need a better digital camera//
**On a personal note:** //I set this up here in Thailand on my DM500 and DM7020 on a move dish and on a multiswitch system (8 dishes) so when we are on long trips either in country or flying around the region, the family can see TV from home when we are in a wifi hotspot. For instance, it is great to be able to watch Thai TV when we visit New Zealand or Australia and to keep up with events at home. For Airlines that offer on board internet, this is better than the in-flight movies and no need for a Hava or Slingbox.

Parents this is a great tool to (1) Keep the kids amused for hours and stop the back seat wars (2) for me to watch the F1 racing no matter where I am with my notebook and a wifi hotspot. (3) For the others in the family to watch the daily news from various sources//

===== Boki15's Streaming Tool =====

Boki15's Streaming Tool provides an easy way to start and configure vlc on windows.

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[[ More information]]

This tool provides an interface to setup and control vlc. You can use the normal webinterface to zap through channels. This also means the webinterface must be accessible from the internet. Please be aware of the security issues exposing your webinterface to the internet.

===== Script =====

The more advanced users can use a script to start vlc.



cmd="vlc -v http://$dreamboxip:31344 :http-caching=2000 :sout=#$trans$outtrans"
echo $cmd

@echo off
set dreamboxip=
set outputport=12345
set vlcpath=c:\program files\videolan\vlc

set outtrans=std{access=http,mux=ogg,dst=:%outputport%}
set trans=transcode{vcodec=DIV3,vb=350,scale=0.4,acodec=mpga,ab=96,channels=1}:

set cmd="%vlcpath%\vlc" -v http://%dreamboxip%:31344 :http-caching=2000 :sout=#%trans% %outtrans%
echo %cmd%

These scripts need to be adjusted to your situation. The dreamboxip variable certainly needs to changed. You can experiment with the different encoding options yourself.
Use the normal webinterface to zap through channels.

==Another re-stream application by another author can be found here==
[[ stream-live-television-from-your-dreambox-to-the-internet]]

[[E1 Streaming Howtos]] : [[DM500 DM500]] : [[DM500plus DM500+]] : [[DM56xx DM56xx]] : [[DM600 DM600]] : [[DM7000 DM7000]] : [[DM7020 DM7020]] : [[DM7025 DM7025]] : [[DM800 DM800]]
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