Multicast Streaming/IPTV from your DM box

For E1 & E2 boxes, examples only, so mileage may vary

This page is for all DM boxes, so please make sure you are reading the how to below for your model.

Watching an IPTV stream on your DM box and TV

an example only, mileage may vary

For the DM5 series, DM6 series and DM7000 & DM7020 only

If you have not upgraded to the latest Jade software please use VLC version 0.86i
The new Jade3 can use VLC 9.x.x

I was playing around here this morning with IPTV watching Setanta News as usual to catch up on the cricket in the UK and though it would be great to watch this on all the TV's here via a DM box rather than the PC.

Here is the result;



This is an example only. Make sure your local firewall is open as normal for the ports mentioned below. VLC 0.8.6f used for this example.
1. Install TVants (google is your friend)
2. Open TVants to your TV channel and right click and select properties to see the localhost name and url you need for the next step
3. Open a network stream in VLC to this url above i.e. http://localhost:16900/21.asf
4. Select streaming, and select save to file (raw) i.e. 21.asf
5. Open your web browser to your DM box and do the normal restream. To do this click here Send movies on my PC to my DM box This will stream 21.asf back to your DM box via vlc

Now sit back and watch your IPTV on your TV via your DM box, as I am.

Known issues: disk space used (approx. 15mb per hour of viewing), but great if you want to record it to. So delete the 21.asf file at some point or you will run out of disk space.

Tip: Click here to learn more about the PLiĀ® Movieplayer - where you could save the 21.asf file to your media directory and then watch it on any DM box.

Multicast Streaming a DM box to your network/IPTV

Taking a zapstream to a multicast stream

For the DM5 series, DM6 series and DM7000 & DM7020 only

Here is a really simple way to set up your own internal IPTV network. Or simply multicast 1 DM box to many PC's on you local area network. Ideal for sending the news channels to everyone in the office.

Use linux where possible (with a few gb of ram) but works just as well in Vista as this example shows using the Amino ( IPTV set top box;

1. Open vlc to a DM box with the network option, on port 31344
2. select the stream option
3. select the udp option (default amino shown in the image)
4. change channel on your amino stb and watch your DM box via IPTV
5. use your webif to change channel if you are only using one DM box

This example shows CNN from the DM box to vlc to multicast via udp multicast.

IPTV from a DM box

If you do not have an IPTV STB then you can simply use VLC on the computers on your network like this example

IPTV from a DM box

TIP: If you use the web browser built into your IPTV set top box you can open the PDA WEBIF on your DM box and change channel with the IPTV Set top box.

Multicast Streaming an E2 box to your network/IPTV

Taking a gstream to a multicast stream

For the DM7025 and DM800

Doing this on any E2 box is not quite as simple as the E1 boxes as shown above, but never the less it is a simple and straight forward process. The end result is, you are able to multicast your E2 box (DM800 or DM7025) to any number of computers or IPTV set top boxes on your LAN.

Known limitations
How To do this
  1. You need to download the stream.m3u file from the web interface as explained in the E2 Streaming wiki pages and save it as a playlist in VLC.
  2. Open the saved play list as shown below
  3. Select the stream option
  4. Set up the UDP streaming details

IPTV from a DM box

Once you have done this you can open a VLC multicast / udp session to the server you set up above like
this example below shows. The vlc screen on the left is the multicast server where the image on the right
is the mulitcast client.

IPTV from a DM box

To play this back anytime on your multicast client, simply save the playlist as shown below.

IPTV from a DM box

Note: the above is running here on MS Vista Ulitmate / AMD 64 processor / 1gb ram on this box over a
cisco / linksys 1gb LAN and 108mb Wifi

Streaming/Multicasting HDTV from a DM800

You can also stream HDTV but man you need some processor power to do this properly (so it is not jerky)
As the box above which did the normal mp2 multicasting would not even look at this so I used a dual core P4
with 4gb of ram in the office here and used VLC 0.9.6 for the streaming and client.

Using the same procedure as out lined above, - on the left the multicast streaming server on the right the multicast client on the same box

IPTV from a DM box

Streaming Howtos : DM500 : DM500+ : DM56xx : DM600 : DM7000 : DM7020 : DM7025 : DM800 : DM8000
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