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====How to set up my E2 box====
//[[E1Video E1 - DM5 & 6 series/DM7000,DM7020 users click here]]//

Upon the initial boot up after your install of the latest image one is greeted with this **Audio & Video Settings** screen.

{{image alt="E2 AV Settings" title="A/V Settings" url="000847_dm800_settings.jpg"}}

You can change any of the following settings;

- **Video Output:** Select where to output the video, this example shows the DVI port
- **Mode:** select between the different high definitions modes to output you video
- **Refresh mode:** Look at your TV manual, but in most cases 50Hz (60hz for our NA users)
- **Aspect Ratio:** Automatic will work on most TV's. If you change this you can further change the menus below to suit your TV
- **Color Format:** Selects the type of output by using the left and right arrows
- **WSS on 4:3:** If you are using and old TV you might want to disable this option
- **AC3 default:** Unless you are set up for AC3 audio you might want to disable this option
- **AC3 downmix:** ON old TV's you might want to select YES
- **General AC3 delay**: my default is "0"
- **General PCM delay:** my default is "0"
- **OSD Visibility:** Set up how you want the OSD menus presented on your TV screen
- **Scaler sharpness:** Sets the sharpness when the scaler is used

Once you set this up press the GREEN button to **Save** your changes, if you need to change anything else you can do it later under the //**Menu**// Button

**Tip:** You can at anytime go to this menu and change the details

//This is an Enigma 2 or E2 menu//
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