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How to set up my E2 box

E1 - DM5 & 6 series/DM7000,DM7020 users click here

Upon the initial boot up after your install of the latest image one is greeted with this Audio & Video Settings screen.

Audio & Video Settings

You can change any of the following settings;

Video Output: Select where to output the video, this example shows the DVI port
Mode: select between the different high definitions modes to output you video
Refresh mode: Look at your TV manual, but in most cases 50Hz (60hz for our NA users)
Aspect Ratio: Automatic will work on most TV's. If you change this you can further change the menus below to suit your TV
Color Format: Selects the type of output by using the left and right arrows
WSS on 4:3: If you are using and old TV you might want to disable this option
AC3 default: Unless you are set up for AC3 audio you might want to disable this option
AC3 downmix: ON old TV's you might want to select YES
General AC3 delay: my default is "0"
General PCM delay: my default is "0"
OSD Visibility: Set up how you want the OSD menus presented on your TV screen

Once you set this up press the GREEN button to Save your changes, if you need to change anything else you can do it later under the Menu Button

Tip: You can at anytime go to this menu and change the details

This is an Enigma 2 or E2 menu

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