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Howto setup / add and configure my tuners and satellites

Select the tuner you have installed or want to use with this setup (you can have more than 1 tuner set up so make sure you select the right one) with your arrows keys and the OK button on your remote control.


Once you have done this setup up your satellite as per the screen below.


1. The first thing you need to do is define the satellite you are going to use. You can simply highlight the
Satellite row and press either your right ot left arrows to change the satellite name. Please beware that
since the release of the Pli Jade software, all satellites are included in this option so you can set up
the satellite of your choice no matter where in the world you are.

A small word of warning for C/Ku band users of the same satellite: With the current set up of the
satellites.xml file you are UNABLBE to select both the C & Ku band setup of the same satellite (unless
you do a manual edit of the satellites.xml file).

Examples of a Multiswitch setup;


we want your input

we are looking for E2 contributors for E2 howto's please PM WanWizard or jonc

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