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====Howto change the look and feel on my E2 box====

In computing terms, skins may be associated with themes or as custom graphical appearances (OSD) that can be applied in order to suit the different tastes of different users.

Throughout our PLi® Wiki you have seen the 'E1 Media Pli (8bit)' skin and the 'Black.Stone.E2 'skin (as shown below) which is one of the skins included with each of our PLi® image releases.

In Jade2 we released more skins as shown here.

{{image alt="Customize your E2 box" title="Customize your E2 box" url="/images/wiki/000847_e2skins.jpg"}}

{{image alt="Customize your E2 box" title="Customize your E2 box" url="/images/wiki/000847_e2skins1.jpg"}}

If you are a power user and like to edit code, you can also manually change your skins at this stage and add fonts
(this will be download-able in the future) to suit the EPG language of your country/network provider like this example show.

**[[E2SkinPrev click here to Preview the skins listed above]]**

This example is the Thai language.

{{image alt="PLicons" title="PLicons" url="000847_e2Plicon.jpg"}}

{{image alt="PLicons" title="PLicons" url="000847_800thaiosd.jpg"}}

With the new Jade2 Skins you have so many new options
{{image alt="Customize your E2 box" title="Customize your E2 box" url="/images/wiki/000847_e2skin3.jpg"}}

These changes are also displayed on the //LCD screen// when you are in the info screen (press the info button)

//This is an Enigma 2 or E2 menu//
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