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====How do I make changes to my settings on my E2 box?====

The VU+ DUO can be configured in a number of different ways. The look and feel, how you setup your Hi Def TV set, what languages you use, how you use your local area network (LAN) and so on.

{{image alt="E2 Settings" title="E2 Settings" url="/images/wiki/000847_800_setup.jpg"}}

- [[E2Sat Service searching]] //- Setup your dishes and added new channels//
- [[E2System System]] //- Setup your system settings//
- [[E2SoftCam Softcam / CI]] //- Setup your network subscription cards//
- [[E2Lock Parental Control]] //- Setup Parental control on your E2 box //
- [[E2DefaultSettings Default settings]] //- **DO NOT select this section as there is no way to escape other than a power off and on**
- [[E2Reset Factory reset]] //- This option will make your E2 box like new - a good and BAD thing//

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we are looking for E2 contributors for E2 howto's please PM [[WanWizard WanWizard]] or [[jonc jonc]]
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